Antiquity’s Gate by Renee Hurteau


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Also just FYI: There are many other books in this series so if this sounds like a book you’d love to read then there’s many to binge read after you finish this one!
Antiquity’s Gate: Three Days Till Dawn
Book Blurb

Antiquity’s Gate forced two realities to collide—what followed tore one of them apart.

Now those who remain coexist beneath the shelter of a domed Antarctic city, held together by a tenuous peace and an increasingly dystopian hierarchy. Any hope of one day leaving the confines of Sanctuary is little more than a fading ember.

A mid-level systems operator, Ripley does his best to stay out of trouble. His best friend Felix, an irreverent half-breed shunned by society, can’t seem to do the same. When Felix’s family is targeted by an unjust law, there’s nowhere to run. The city of Sanctuary had once been a safe haven— now it has become a cage.

Ripley’s desperate attempt to help his friends escape tragedy uncovers a conspiracy that envelops the last refuge of mankind in an ever-tightening net.

The people of Sanctuary have never seen a sunrise.

If Ripley and Felix aren’t prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, none of them ever will.

R.F. Hurteau

Author Bio

In the amount of time it takes you to read this, R.F. Hurteau will have finished yet another cup of coffee. More caffiene than human, she harnesses the powers of this magical bean juice to create stories that explore worlds unknown through the lens of that age old curiosity that drives all creatives: the human condition. She lives in New England with her husband, five kids, and an impressive array of animal friends. Her ultimate mission is to craft light, character-driven science fiction that is accessible to all, and by doing so slowly turn everyone into nerds.