Crier’s War by Nina Varela

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Book: Crier’s War

Author: Nina Varela

Book Series: Crier’s War Book 1

Diversity: F/F main romance!

Rating: 5/5

Publication Date: October 1, 2019

Publisher: Quill Tree Books

Pages: 449

Recommended Age: 15+ (gore, violence, some mature content mentioned, and romance)

Synopsis: After the War of Kinds ravaged the kingdom of Rabu, the Automae, designed to be the playthings of royals, usurped their owners’ estates and bent the human race to their will.

Now Ayla, a human servant rising in the ranks at the House of the Sovereign, dreams of avenging her family’s death…by killing the sovereign’s daughter, Lady Crier.

Crier was Made to be beautiful, flawless, and to carry on her father’s legacy. But that was before her betrothal to the enigmatic Scyre Kinok, before she discovered her father isn’t the benevolent king she once admired, and most importantly, before she met Ayla.

Now, with growing human unrest across the land, pressures from a foreign queen, and an evil new leader on the rise, Crier and Ayla find there may be only one path to love: war.

Review: I absolutely loved this book!! The characters were well developed, the plot was intriguing from start to finish, the writing was absolute perfection, and the pacing was on point! I had so many feels reading this book and I can’t wait for the next one!

The only downside is the cliffhanger ending!! I need more!

Verdict: A must read!