The QB Bad Boy and Me by Michela DellaMonica


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March 23 – Paige @popthebutterfly
March 24 – JP
March 25 – Stacie @borenbooks
March 26 – Nikki @thereadingrebel

Ever since the hot star quarterback of the high school football team hit her car with his motorcycle, he has the annoying ability to get under her skin, making Dallas think about Drayton way more than she should . . . in all the ways that she shouldn’t.

But Dallas has one goal—to pursue her dance-school dreams in in California—and no one, not even a hard-bodied, green-eyed football god, will stop her. As the tension between Drayton and Dallas grows thicker, the lines are getting blurred, and all she wants is to come undone under his touch.

But this thing between Dallas and Drayton could cost her her dreams . . . if he doesn’t break her heart first.

Author Bio:
Tay Marley wears many hats: bibliophile, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and featured Wattpad
author. Her whirlwind journey on Wattpad began in 2017 and led to one hundred thousand
dedicated followers, a five-part series, and three stand-alone books, including her breakout
story, The QB Bad Boy and Me, which have amassed over forty-one million reads. She resides
in New Zealand with her husband. When she isn’t writing about confident women and their
love interests, she’s teaching her three small children how to be the leads in their own epic