Haunted Chattanooga by Jessica Penot and Amy Petulla

Disclaimer: I bought this book at a ghost tour! Support your authors!


Author: Jessica Penot and Amy Petulla


Book Series: Haunted America Book 2


Rating: 4/5


Publisher: History Press (SC)


Publication Date: August 16, 2011


Genre: Historical Fiction/Supernatural


Recommended Age: 10+ (ghosts)


Pages: 106


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Synopsis: It is the home of one of the most famous railways in American history, the site of a historically vital trade route along the Tennessee River and the gateway to the Deep South. Chattanooga has a storied past, a past that still lives through the spirits that haunt the city. Whether it is the ghost of the Delta Queen still lingering from the days of the river trade, the porter who forever roams the grounds of the historic Terminal Station or the restless souls that haunt from beneath the city in its elaborate underground tunnel system, the specter of Chattanooga’s past is everywhere. Join authors Jessica Penot and Amy Petulla as they survey the most historically haunted places in and around the Scenic City.


Review: I really liked this book! I thought this was a great book that was steeped in the history of Chattanooga. The writing was well done and compelling and I miss this town already.


However, I did feel like there could have been more to the book. It was very factual and stuck to a few stories, but didn’t really elaborate on the ghosts or theories or anything like that outside of a few sentences here and there. I think there’s enough about Chattanooga to write a full length novel, not just a novella.


Verdict: If you’re into history and ghosts you’ll like this one!