Street by William Lewis

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author. Thanks! All opinions are my own.




Author: William Lewis


Book Series: Standalone


Rating: 4/5


Publication Date: August 23, 2019


Genre: YA Sports?


Recommended Age: 15+ (cars, action, running away, and growing up)


Publisher: Amazon


Pages: 278


Amazon Link


Synopsis: Written by a former street racer, Street is the tale of a seventeen year old runaway who tries his hand at professional street racing.

Loaded with driving action, high performance cars, and racing techniques inspired by true events, Street is the kind of automotive adventure normally told over drinks between car guys, instead of in print.


Review: Overall, this book was pretty good. There was a good amount of action and if you’re a car person this book is definitely for you. I liked the pacing, it was fast, and I liked how the book was presented.


However, I felt like the execution was a bit wonky. The writing wasn’t the best in my opinion, but it did feel very conversation like, so it was easy to read and follow along, especially if you’re not a car person. I also felt like the book could have better developed characters. The main character was great, but everyone else felt a bit underdeveloped.


Verdict: It was good!

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