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About The Book:
Ever #2)
Author: Zeno
Pub. Date: April 28, 2020
Publisher: Imprint
Pages: 224
Formats:  Hardcover,eBook
Illustration copyright © 2020 Matt
Rebel in the Library of Ever continues Zeno Alexander’s
acclaimed middle-grade fantasy series with a dangerous takeover of the magical
Library as our heroine fights to make knowledge free for everyone.

Lenora returns to the magical Library―which holds every book ever known on its
shelves. But she discovers the Library is under new management, its incredible
rooms and corridors turned dark and sinister.

She quickly connects with a secret resistance that’s trying to free knowledge
from the shadows threatening it. Her new friends introduce her to an ancient
lost city, hang-gliding, and mathematical beings larger than the universe
itself. And they help her face the mysterious Board of new leaders―who are
leading the Library into darkness.

Now it’s up to Lenora to prove that knowledge is always more powerful than
ignorance and fear.

An Imprint Book

“Further proof that librarians are mighty in all universes.” ―Kirkus Reviews

Praise for The Library of Ever:

“Zeno Alexander’s The Library of Ever reads like
someone mixed Neil Gaiman with Chris Grabenstein
, then threw in an extra
dash of charm. Reading it is like getting lost in an entire library full of
books, and never wanting to leave!”―James Riley, New York Times bestselling
author of the Story Thieves series

“Full of whimsy and pluck, The Library of Ever is a total

―Wendy Mass, New York Times bestselling author

“Uh oh,” said Lenora to Rosa. “I think we might have changed history.”
She was worried now, for in books, changing history was almost never good.
“Do not fear,” replied Rosa. “We all change history with everything we
do. This is why we should consider our actions carefully, as each one will
affect the future to come. Should we join Lucy?”
For Lucy had gone straight to the table, where she joined a puzzled-looking
librarian who was peering down at the assorted fragments, his chin in his hand,
deep in thought. So deep that he had completely failed to notice two girls and
an alien who had popped out of nowhere — or had they? Lenora was not sure how history
changes worked exactly. But she was sure now that the objects on the table had
been in the same box that Lucy had lost in the sea.
Giving up (for the moment) on figuring out how history changing worked,
Lenora went over to the table, Rosa beside her. She cleared her throat. “Excuse
me,” she said to Cosmo (for that was the name on the librarian’s badge).
Cosmo flinched and, looking up, suddenly noticed Lenora and the others.
“Oh!” he said. “My apologies. I have been studying the Antikythera mechanism so
intently that I frequently fail to notice things around me.”
“That’s all right,” said Lenora. “So what exactly is this…Anti—kith—uh…”
“ant-ee-KITH-ur-uh,” said Cosmo. “It is a small Greek island, near which
this ancient mechanism was discovered, all broken up into pieces at the bottom
of the Aegean Sea. It is estimated to have been lost to the waters around 100
“Sorry about that,” said Lucy.
About Zeno: 

emerging from the shadows of the past, his history yet to be fully
explained, Zeno Alexander spent years exploring the world’s
libraries before settling down in his lavish underground bunker, where he
regularly hosts exquisite dinner parties and tends to his collection of extinct
plants. His friendship with the famous librarian, Lenora, has turned into a
series of biographical works devoted to chronicling her adventures.

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Splintered by Jon McGoran

Disclaimer: I bought this book! Support your authors! All opinions are my own.


Book: Splintered


Author: Jon McGoran


Book Series: Spliced Book 2


Rating: 4/5


Publication Date: May 14, 2019


Genre: YA Sci-Fi


Recommended Age: 16+ (violence, gore, genes, science!)


Publisher: Holiday House


Pages: 352


Amazon Link


Synopsis: All Jimi wants is pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She never intended to uncover a conspiracy, or become a hero for chimera rights– she just wanted to protect her best friend, Del. But now she’s a public figure, and she can’t quite shake the spotlight. . . or her suspicion that she’s being followed.

Still, when a strange chimera shows up, half-dead with nothing but an odd hospital bracelet to identify him, of course Jimi tries to help. But everything goes wrong– and her friend Dr. Guzman is arrested for murder. Desperate to prove his innocence, Jimi does some digging, and discovers that the sick chimera came from a hospital owned by Howard Wells. . . . The businessman who pioneered the Genetic Heritage Act, which sought to label all chimeras as inhuman, and undeserving of basic rights. Has he really had a change of heart?

Teaming up with her chimera friends Rex and Claudia, Jimi sets out to investigate Wells’ hospital– but discovers the seemingly-charitable endeavor is hiding an extensive, dark secret. To save lives and shut down a criminal operation, Jimi and her friends will have to risk everything– and incur the wrath of Howard Wells himself.

Action-packed and haunting, this sequel to Spliced digs deeper into a gritty, near-future world in which lawless science is a rich man’s game– and Jimi and her friends are unwilling players.


Review: I thought this book did well to pick up where the first book dropped off. The plot was still very intriguing and very encompassing. The world was still very well developed and amazingly well imagined and scary how realistic it could get. The book also did well to not have that second book syndrome, it’s not filler and it has intriguing and well done points.


However, the characters are a bit different in this one. I’m not connecting with them like I did in the first one and I’m not sure why that is. The book is also still a bit hard to get into at first.


Verdict: A well done sci-fi series!

Aru Shah and The End of Time by Roshani Chokshi

Disclaimer: I bought this book! Support your authors!

Book: Aru Shah And The End of Time

Author: Roshani Chokshi

Book Series: Pandava Quartet Book 1

Rating: 5/5

Publication Date: May 27, 2018

Genre: MG Fantasy

Recommended Age: 10+ (slight violence and a little gore, some scary moments)

Publisher: Rick Riordan Presents

Pages: 355

Amazon Link

Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Aru Shah has a tendency to stretch the truth in order to fit in at school. While her classmates are jetting off to family vacations in exotic locales, she’ll be spending her autumn break at home, in the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture, waiting for her mom to return from her latest archeological trip. Is it any wonder that Aru makes up stories about being royalty, traveling to Paris, and having a chauffeur?

One day, three schoolmates show up at Aru’s doorstep to catch her in a lie. They don’t believe her claim that the museum’s Lamp of Bharata is cursed, and they dare Aru to prove it. Just a quick light, Aru thinks. Then she can get herself out of this mess and never ever fib again.

But lighting the lamp has dire consequences. She unwittingly frees the Sleeper, an ancient demon whose duty it is to awaken the God of Destruction. Her classmates and beloved mother are frozen in time, and it’s up to Aru to save them.

The only way to stop the demon is to find the reincarnations of the five legendary Pandava brothers, protagonists of the Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata, and journey through the Kingdom of Death. But how is one girl in Spider-Man pajamas supposed to do all that?

Review: I absolutely fell in love with this book! The character voice and development were amazingly well done. The author did great to keep explanations and scenarios exciting, but also young child friendly. The writing was sublime and the language (some was Sanskrit, I’m not sure of the term for the others) used were done well. I also loved the pacing, it wasn’t too fast or too slow.

However, I did feel like some of the world building was a bit lacking. I felt a little lost at times, but it wasn’t a lot of the time.

Verdict: It was a great read! I highly recommend!

Station Zero by Philip Reeve

Disclaimer: I received this e-arc from the publisher and netgalley. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Station Zero

Author: Philip Reeve

Book Series: Railhead Book 3

Rating: 3/5

Publication Date: May 3, 2018

Genre: YA Sci-Fi

Recommended Age: can’t recommend, dnf

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 288

Amazon Link

Synopsis: The Great Network is changing. New worlds, new alliances, new enmities. For Threnody the changes have brought great power. For Zen and Nova they have brought separation. For the trains that run from world to world, they have brought questions. Now all of them must find out what really matters to them and who they really are . . .

Review: I had to DNF this one because I was, once again, duped by netgalley into getting it. I get advertised an array of books by netgalley and some of them are sequels. I didn’t realize this one was a sequel until I started reading it. Because I want to read this series later when I have time I don’t want to review this one right away (but I won’t get around to these books for years so I’m leaving a 3/5 review because this book does sound amazing, but I’m utterly confused without the other books lol.

Verdict: Read books 1 and 2 first.

Dr. Beau The ABC Vet by Shelby Crawford

dr beau


In this rollicking story, Dr. Beau cares for all sorts of animals who have all kinds of problems! From Allie the Alligator’s misbehaving child to Zsa Zsa the Zebra’s terrible fever, Dr. Beau helps everyone he meets.
Young readers will love the bouncy, rhyming text by author Shelby Crawford and the laugh-out-loud funny illustrations by Andressa Meissner.