Splintered by Jon McGoran

Disclaimer: I bought this book! Support your authors! All opinions are my own.


Book: Splintered


Author: Jon McGoran


Book Series: Spliced Book 2


Rating: 4/5


Publication Date: May 14, 2019


Genre: YA Sci-Fi


Recommended Age: 16+ (violence, gore, genes, science!)


Publisher: Holiday House


Pages: 352


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Synopsis: All Jimi wants is pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She never intended to uncover a conspiracy, or become a hero for chimera rights– she just wanted to protect her best friend, Del. But now she’s a public figure, and she can’t quite shake the spotlight. . . or her suspicion that she’s being followed.

Still, when a strange chimera shows up, half-dead with nothing but an odd hospital bracelet to identify him, of course Jimi tries to help. But everything goes wrong– and her friend Dr. Guzman is arrested for murder. Desperate to prove his innocence, Jimi does some digging, and discovers that the sick chimera came from a hospital owned by Howard Wells. . . . The businessman who pioneered the Genetic Heritage Act, which sought to label all chimeras as inhuman, and undeserving of basic rights. Has he really had a change of heart?

Teaming up with her chimera friends Rex and Claudia, Jimi sets out to investigate Wells’ hospital– but discovers the seemingly-charitable endeavor is hiding an extensive, dark secret. To save lives and shut down a criminal operation, Jimi and her friends will have to risk everything– and incur the wrath of Howard Wells himself.

Action-packed and haunting, this sequel to Spliced digs deeper into a gritty, near-future world in which lawless science is a rich man’s game– and Jimi and her friends are unwilling players.


Review: I thought this book did well to pick up where the first book dropped off. The plot was still very intriguing and very encompassing. The world was still very well developed and amazingly well imagined and scary how realistic it could get. The book also did well to not have that second book syndrome, it’s not filler and it has intriguing and well done points.


However, the characters are a bit different in this one. I’m not connecting with them like I did in the first one and I’m not sure why that is. The book is also still a bit hard to get into at first.


Verdict: A well done sci-fi series!

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