Honey Talk by Declan Davey

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Honey Talk

Author: Declan Davey

Book Series: Standalone

Rating: 2/5

Recommended For…: Thrillers, Mysteries

Publication Date: June 11, 2019

Publisher: Psych Thrillers Ltd

Pages: 159

Recommended Age: can’t recommend, dnf

Synopsis: A cat-and-mouse game of therapy takes Lily down the backstreets of her traumatic past … Peeling the layers could drag her into perilous territory. Will she find a way out from the depths of her mind?

Professionally thriving yet personally floundering, it’s clear that Lily’s mid-thirties mark a point where seeking help is essential.

The chance arises when an impromptu arrangement begins to carve a path away from stubborn memories.

Forget walking the walk, the question is, can Lily talk the talk?

Review: I had to dnf this book at 51%. The book was wrote really weird and the main character did a lot of telling about events but didn’t let the reader see it for themselves..I think if it was wrote with a bit more clarity it would have worked better for me. The world building was also a bit lacking.

Verdict: Not for me.

Lobizona by Romina Garber

Disclaimer: I received this e-arc from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Lobizona

Author: Romina Garber

Book Series: Wolves of No World Book 1

Diversity: Argentina characters, lesbian couple

Rating: 4/5

Recommended For…: Werewolves, witches, other planets, Argentinian characters And lore

Publication Date: August 4, 2020

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Pages: 400

Recommended Age: 16+ (sexual content, drugging, drugs mentioned, rape mention)

Synopsis: Manuela Azul has been crammed into an existence that feels too small for her. As an undocumented immigrant who’s on the run from her father’s Argentine crime-family, Manu is confined to a small apartment and a small life in Miami, Florida.

Until Manu’s protective bubble is shattered.

Her surrogate grandmother is attacked, lifelong lies are exposed, and her mother is arrested by ICE. Without a home, without answers, and finally without shackles, Manu investigates the only clue she has about her past–a mysterious “Z” emblem—which leads her to a secret world buried within our own. A world connected to her dead father and his criminal past. A world straight out of Argentine folklore, where the seventh consecutive daughter is born a bruja and the seventh consecutive son is a lobizón, a werewolf. A world where her unusual eyes allow her to belong.

As Manu uncovers her own story and traces her real heritage all the way back to a cursed city in Argentina, she learns it’s not just her U.S. residency that’s illegal. . . .it’s her entire existence.

Review: Overall, I thought the book was amazing. I loved the mythology and lore of Lobizones and Brujas (werewolves and witches basically). I liked how the author intermingled issues of ICE into this story and also sexism. The book had a well done story arc and plot and I loved the world building. Other things of note are that the book addresses sexism and homophobia and the menstrual cycle is important to the storyline.

However, I did think the pacing was a bit too fast for me and I think the book had a lot of characters that weren’t fully developed.

Verdict: Recommended read! I can’t wait for the next one!!