Blood Moon by Lucy Cuthew

Disclaimer: I received this arc from the publisher! Thanks! All opinions are my own.


Book: Blood Moon


Author: Lucy Cuthew


Book Series: Standalone


Rating: 4/5


Recommended For…: contemporary, ya, bullying stories


Publication Date: September 1, 2020


Genre: YA Contemporary


Recommended Age: 14+ (periods, period shaming, body shaming, mean girls, bullying TW)


Publisher: Walker Books US


Pages: 340


Synopsis: After school one day, Frankie, a lover of physics and astronomy, has her first sexual experience with quiet and gorgeous Benjamin—and gets her period. It’s only blood, they agree. But soon a gruesome meme goes viral, turning an intimate, affectionate afternoon into something sordid, mortifying, and damaging. In the time it takes to swipe a screen, Frankie’s universe implodes. Who can she trust? Not Harriet, her suddenly cruel best friend, and certainly not Benjamin, the only one who knows about the incident. As the online shaming takes on a horrifying life of its own, Frankie begins to wonder: is her real life over?

Author Lucy Cuthew vividly portrays what it is to be a teen today with this fearless and ultimately uplifting novel in verse. Brimming with emotion, the story captures the intensity of friendships, first love, and female desire, while unflinchingly exploring the culture of online and menstrual shaming. Sure to be a conversation starter, Blood Moon is the unforgettable portrait of one girl’s fight to reclaim her reputation and to stand up against a culture that says periods are dirty.


Review: Overall, this was a good book. I liked the character development and I felt the book did good to show body shaming, especially period shaming (I was never the victim of this because I’ve been cursed with the infrequent periods and can count on two hands how many periods I had through High School). I felt like the book had a good plot and it did well to keep my intrigued throughout the book. I’m also loving how more open YA is becoming on periods and the menstrual cycle! For years YA just pretended those didn’t exist and that’s so unrealistic for a lot of people.


However, I didn’t like how slow the first third of the book is and the pacing throughout the book is a bit wonky. The book also had a disappointing ending. There shouldn’t have been any reason the girls made in up in my opinion and I didn’t like how the victim in all of this (Frankie) apologized first… like… no. It was also a little cheesy.


Verdict: It’s a good book, just had some issues with me.

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