CDL Minded Entrepreneur by Joe Ryder

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1. What got you interested in writing this book?

I love the CDL Industry. I love helping people and finding ways to help solve their problems and I realized it’s not education about the mindset in owning, operating or having a CDL Business. It’s mostly the “How to” instead of also having the “Becoming” of a business. That’s when I realized that having the mindset is key to anything that you do. Also most people fall in the trap of having to work at a job to make money and chasing the tail of paying the bills, then working to make money, then paying the bills again and I know it’s a better way. That alone inspired me to take action and show this book to the world.

2. What is something you wish people knew about CDLs and/or using one for your own business/part of your job?

People should know that anybody that haves the desire and the ability to start their own business, it’s possible for you and it’s important to have the mindset first because I noticed most people start without a plan and not having the right foundations to start so having the right tools, mindset and determination is important to have. Also you don’t have to work 9 to 5 for 40 years, 5 days a week to live the life that you truly want. Now it’s possible to not only be an Entrepreneur in the CDL Industry, but you can have your business work for you while having the time to spend with your family and do the things that you love to do.

3. What are the pros and cons to CDLs/running or working with a business that employees CDL drivers?

The benefit is that you can leverage yourself and your time while earning the income that you want to make. It’s also rewarding to help and hire employees and CDL Drivers to work and provide for their families. Working in a business allows you to help people have a better quality of life as well. The “con” per say is the expenses and how to monitise and manage it. But this takes proper planning and tools to help assist that and CDL Minded Entrepreneur talks about how to overcome and have your expenses work for you.

4. What is your writing process?

My writing process was to first start with knowing the steps that people need to know inorder to start in any business. Then I had asked what does “CDL Minded” mean and what does that look like in the CDL Industry, next I then formulated the 3 step system which is 1. CDL Minded starts with yourself, 2. CDL Minded in your Business and 3. Living the CDL Minded Lifestyle.

5. How did your research for this book?

I first looked at the other markets and books that were already out there and when it comes to the mindset of establishing a Business in the CDL Industry, it was very few. Majority of the book only talked about the ‘how to “method and not the way you think about the “how to”. So then I went to different websites such as on youtube, and quora and asked the questions of not only CDL Business owners, but other people that’s interested in starting a CDL Business but don’t know how. So I asked them what was the biggest struggle in trying to accomplish it and what they want out of it. And then after that, I looked at other Entrepreneur books and CDL Business books and then started formulating the outline of the book.

6. What are the 3 essentials you need before you start writing?

When it comes to writing the 3 key essentials I need is:
1. The problem of the readers: What are the things that people are going through.
2. The need and the importance of that problem being solved: How is this hurting people or how is it affecting their lives and the benefits of what people not only want, but need.
3. The solution to the problem: The benefits to the problem being solved and the overall experience of how the solution will help people and their families.

7. What’s the next project for you?

The next project is having another book called CDL Minded Marketing. It’s just launched on Amazon Friday 1/1/2021 and it’s about how to start, build and scale a profitable CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business by marketing and having an established brand. This will not only help lay down the foundations and the strategies of marketing (that most CDL Entrepreneurs don’t know) but this will also help beginners and current business operators overcome the challenges of separating themselves from the competition while helping their customers/audience in the CDL Industry. (especially during these times).

CDL Minded Marketing

Review for CDL Minded Marketing

Here’s the info about the book “CDL Minded Entrepreneur”:

“CDL Minded Entrepreneur is about developing the mindset of starting, owning and operating a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business. This is to help and relieve the stress of most entrepreneurs that want to start their business but don’t know how. This will also help beginner and current business operators overcome the challenges of starting their very own CDL Business in the CDL Industry (especially during these times).

If your vision for your company is to provide top-quality service, the way your company functions should prioritize giving customers this high-quality experience. CDL-Minded Entrepreneur will walk you through everything you need to know to start a CDL business from the ground up.

In this book you will discover:

Why your mindset is the most important factor in your success,
The 3 most important lifestyle habits for success,
How you can set and achieve effective goals using the GAME plan for your business,
How to start, manage, and expand your business in the CDL industry and much more.
Building your own business is never an easy process, and the CDL industry is no exception. However, if you develop the right mindset and become “CDL-Minded,” you can practically guarantee future success. When you start thinking like an entrepreneur, it becomes easy to expand your company into a profitable business. You can regain control over your life, live the way you want to live and spend more time with the people you love while having the financial freedom to live your life to its fullest.”

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