Blue Shadow Prophecy by Anca Antoci Cover Reveal!

Title: Blue Shadow Prophecy
Author: Anca Antoci
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Series #: Chimera, Book 2
Release date: January 31

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Book description

It started with a prophecy, a kidnapping, and a curse. Then it got worse!

Joining the Resistance to fulfill the prophecy — dismantle the Council and free the chimera, Rae’s life went from ordinary to exciting overnight. It didn’t last long.
Kidnapped by a witch with her own agenda, Rae uncovers a web of lies woven to conceal the true extent of her magic. To survive, she must concede to her captor’s terms, but there is a silver lining — Michael, her vampire guardian, is also held captive with a curse. Rae sets out to break the curse hoping to sway the vampire’s allegiance. But nothing ever goes according to plan.

Blue Shadow Prophecy is the second story in the Chimera Trilogy. If you enjoy magical realism, supernatural creatures in a fantasy setting, give this trilogy a try!

Genesis by T. Sae-Low

Disclaimer: I received this ebook from the author. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Genesis

Author: T. Sae-Low

Book Series: Prophecy Rock Book 1

Rating: 4/5

Recommended For…: d&D like books, fantasy reads

Publication Date: January 29, 2013

Genre: YA Fantasy

Recommended Age: 16+ (violence, gore)

Publisher: Indie Published

Pages: 329

Synopsis: As rumors swirl across the war torn lands of Eos of a possible Candidate—the long prophesied savior of peace— young Raden Nite finds himself unexpectedly chosen to discover the truth to these rumors. Raden’s top-secret mission will send him and his closest friends on a heart-pounding adventure through the mysterious Voras Mountains, the impenetrable fortress of Sargatum, and deep into strange new lands where dangerous enemies await.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Disputed Lands, Prince Aric sits third in line to the crown of Vicedonia. Seeking to escape the overwhelming shadow of his elder brother, and to prove to his father, the king, that he is indeed a worthy successor, Aric embarks on a path into the darkest corners of Eos. On his journey, he will encounter the sinister magic of the Dark Forest, the epic battlegrounds of Lake Raphia, and discover the harsh realities of what it truly means to be king.

In the first book of the Prophecy Rock Series, fates will collide in this epic tale of action, loyalty, and love, where the ultimate meaning of true sacrifice will be discovered.

Review: For the most part I really liked this book. It felt more like a D&D game than it did a book and I really got into it. The book had some great fantastical moments. The world building was well done and superb. The character development was amazing. The book was also fast paced and action packed.

The only thing that was a little off-putting was that the book had a lot of battles and they were frequent, fast, a little confusing, and a bit on the overly brutal side.

Verdict: I really liked this book!