Written in Starlight by Isabel Ibanez

Disclaimer: I received an e-arc of this book from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Written in Starlight

Author: Isabel Ibanez

Book Series: Woven in Moonlight Book 2

Rating: 1/5

Diversity: Indigenous Bolivian culture and people, but racist views and statements and misconceptions about the culture and religious aspects

Recommended For…: fantasy readers, ya readers

Publication Date: January 26, 2021

Genre: YA Fantasy

Recommended Age: can’t recommend, dnf-ed

Publisher: Page Street Kids

Pages: 368

Synopsis: If the jungle wants you, it will have you…

Catalina Quiroga is a Condesa without a country. She’s lost the Inkasisa throne, the loyalty of her people, and her best friend. Banished to the perilous Yanu Jungle, Catalina knows her chances of survival are slim, but that won’t stop her from trying to escape. It’s her duty to reclaim the throne.

When Manuel, the son of her former general, rescues Catalina from a jaguar, a plan forms. Deep in the jungle, the city of gold is hidden, home to the fierce Illari people, who she could strike an alliance with.

But the elusive Illari are fighting a battle of their own—a mysterious blight is corrupting the jungle, laying waste to everything they hold dear. As a seer, Catalina should be able to help, but her ability to read the future in the stars is as feeble as her survival instincts. While searching for the Illari, Catalina must reckon with her duty and her heart to find her true calling, which could be the key to stopping the corruption before it destroys the jungle completely.

Review: I’m DNFing this book at 1%. I’m disturbed by the reports I’ve heard and evidence I’ve seen about how the indigenous culture and people are mistreated and how the book has a white savior complex. I can’t, in good faith, read this book right now. I might come back to it in the future, but right now there’s too much not being taken seriously about the valid concerns of people who are hurt by this book.

Verdict: I’m unsteady about this series from the concerns I read and what I remember from reading it myself. I’m also very concerned about the lack of a statement from the author and the amount of people who have attacked those who voiced their valid concerns about the book. The author isn’t doing anything to help the matter by remaining silent and letting people continue to attack those who voiced concerns and letting them continue to make racist remarks about the people and culture the books are based on.

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