Don’t Lose Your Head: Life Lessons from the Six Ex-Wives of Henry VIII by Harriet Marsden

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Don’t Lose Your Head: Life Lessons from the Six Ex-Wives of Henry VIII

Author: Harriet Marsden

Book Series: Standalone

Rating: 5/5

Recommended For…: Royal fans, SIX the Musical fans

Publication Date: February 16, 2021

Genre: History

Recommended Age: 15+ (death, beheading)

Publisher: Ulysses Press

Pages: 192

Synopsis: Get the inside scoop from some of the toughest women in English history, as ex-wives, mothers, and daughters of King Henry VIII dish out all their survival secrets in this humorous guide to life. With a bit of sarcasm and friendly charm, each of these legendary ladies explains how their 16th-century hard-earned lessons (from living with unstable men to stifling Tudor traditions) apply to 21st-century dating, marriage, and feminism.

Written from the perspectives of each of the different women around Henry VIII, you’ll get the facts from the Queen Mother and the less-remembered but no less important Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and more.

With must-know historical trivia alongside wise life advice, Don’t Lose Your Head is the perfect survival guide for fans obsessed with Broadway’s latest historical pop musical Six, as well as anyone fascinated by British royalty and culture.

Review: If you’re into Henry VIII and his wives, this is the book for you! I’ve been a fan of the royals since I was little and I loved reading this informational book about the ill-fated wives. The book was informative and fun to read. The book also is fairly small sized so you can take it with you while walking through the Tower grounds.

Verdict: It was good!

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