Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler

Disclaimer:. I received this e-arc from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Cool for the Summer

Author: Dahlie Adler

Book Series: Standalone

Diversity: Russian heritage MC, Jewish side character, Black male character, Aroace side character, F/f romance, Syrian Jewish bisexual love interest, Non binary pan character mentioned, Questioning/Queer MC

Rating: 5/5

Recommended For…: contemporary, young adult readers, romance, song titled books

Genre: YA Contemporary

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Pages: 272

Recommended Age: 16+ (Language, Small HP reference, Underage alcohol consumption, Sex, Mentions of Masturbating, Romance, Making a joke out of sexual coercion)

Explanation of CWs: The small HP reference is fairly early in the novel with just the mention of a specific yellow house shirt. There was none other in the book. There is frequent swearing and underage alcohol consumption in this book. Sex is mentioned and there are 2 sex scenes in this book. There was also one unfavorable joke about how a side character would have sex with her professor when she went to college which gives me creep vibes because that’s a misuse of power on the part of the professor and can be seen as sexual misconduct and coercion.

Synopsis: Lara’s had eyes for exactly one person throughout her three years of high school: Chase Harding. He’s tall, strong, sweet, a football star, and frankly, stupid hot. Oh, and he’s talking to her now. On purpose and everything. Maybe…flirting, even? No, wait, he’s definitely flirting, which is pretty much the sum of everything Lara’s wanted out of life.

Except she’s haunted by a memory. A memory of a confusing, romantic, strangely perfect summer spent with a girl named Jasmine. A memory that becomes a confusing, disorienting present when Jasmine herself walks through the front doors of the school to see Lara and Chase chatting it up in front of the lockers.

Lara has everything she ever wanted: a tight-knit group of friends, a job that borders on cool, and Chase, the boy of her literal dreams. But if she’s finally got the guy, why can’t she stop thinking about the girl?

Review: I really enjoyed this book! It’s so well written and I love how the story takes place between two timelines (then and now). I thought the characters were well developed and the world building was well done. I also loved the story. It’s so cute and tropey but it’s the right amount of trope. I guess I’m a sucker for the miscommunication trope now. I also really loved the diversity of this book and I loved how the message of the book wasn’t labeling or finding a specific label, just to love who you love.

I did have issue with the amount of characters. I think that it was a lot to remember and the two male love interest of the main character and another major character in the book have very similar names. I kept getting confused with the similar friends names too (Keisha / Kiki is one). Also, this is a great book to read in one sitting, but if you leave it or go to sleep like I did, it’s hard to get back into.

Verdict: Highly recommend!