The Bastard’s Inheritance by Dennis Roth Interview!

Shortened Tagline:A wealthy man’s dying wish drives those closest to him onto paths of deceit, corruption and blackmail. Interview: 1) Your book is set in the 1970s, why did you choose that time period? I frequently write about the mid-twentieth century, a coming of age time for me, but more importantly because even by the late … Continue reading The Bastard’s Inheritance by Dennis Roth Interview!

Descendants of Power Book Tour

Tour Schedule: August 16 - Paige @popthebutterflyAugust 17 - JP 18 - CE @chelsceyAugust 19 - Carmilla @carmillavoiezAugust 20 - Kunpaektu @kunpaektu_ Author Bio: P.N. Shafa is a Seattle native currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. She likes thinking and writing about the growth and demise of societal systems and the snowball effect of individual … Continue reading Descendants of Power Book Tour