Paradigm Flux Book Tour

Tour Schedule:

September 6 – Paige @popthebutterfly
September 7 – JP
September 8 – Nicole @thereadingrebel
September 9 – C.E. @chelscey
September 10 – Melina @melinadruga

“Paradigm Flux” is a standalone origin story set in C.E. Clayton’s cyberpunk fantasy world of Eerden. You do not have to have read “Resistor”, the first full length Eerden novel, in order to enjoy or understand the events in “Paradigm Flux” as it spoils nothing from “Resistor”.
“Paradigm Flux” is FREE for all those who sign up for C.E. Clayton’s Book Club) (link in her bio) or can be purchased for 0.99 from Amazon. Pre-orders from Amazon are live starting April 1st, and the novella will release May 3rd (link also in bio)

Nobody appreciates Cosmin von Brandt’s genius in magitech weapon designs. As a low-level employee at the Magitech Development and Caster Regulation Bureau, and the only surviving son of a disgraced politician still living at home with his parents, Cosmin is determined to make a name for himself. Soon, everyone will understand that he is a luxury few can afford. At least, until he makes one catastrophic mistake too many . . .

After being kicked out by his exes, no one is left to help him get back on his feet. With nowhere left to go, Cosmin winds up on the lower levels of Euria, in a sordid casino with nothing but the suit on his back. On the verge of ruination, he falls into the crosshairs of a shrewd market analyst, and the man she works for—the most powerful businessman you’ve never heard of, a man who could use someone like the young Cosmin von Brandt.
At first, Cosmin is willing to give, and do, whatever is necessary to get back into the good graces of those looming above him. But as he spirals deeper into the underground world of Euria, where the limits of his magic are pushed, and his magitech designs are put to the ultimate test, Cosmin begins to realize the ugly truth behind those he admires the most. Questions rise, and Cosmin begins to wonder exactly what it is he wants, what he desires. The answers Cosmin unearths will rock Euria to its foundation.

In this standalone Eerden novella, meet the notorious Cosmin von Brandt before he becomes a household name in “Resistor”!