Cover Reveal – The Soul Throne by Nissa Leder


Kill the prince. Earn her freedom. Lose her soul.

Gezena longs to escape the oppressive walls of the orphanage and explore the outside world. Maybe then she can learn why she was found alone in the forest at only a few days old or why she doesn’t dream.

But when her best friend is claimed by the Soul Elves in a bargain made by a long-ago king, Gezena begs to go in her stead, knowing her friend is too frail to survive such a harsh life.

Now she must serve Prince Caius, who isn’t what she expects. He loathes his princely duties and seems unsure of what to do with her as his servant. But when his father assigns him a dangerous mission, he orders her to go with him.

Just when she’s lost all hope of ever finding the answers of her past, an unexpected offer to earn her freedom arises. All she must do is kill the prince. She has a second chance at the future she’s always dreamed of. But if she takes it, she might just lose her soul.

Diary of a Rich Kid by Malcolm Mejin

Disclaimer: I received this e-book from the author. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Diary of a Rich Kid

Author: Malcolm Mejin

Book Series: Diary of a Rich Kid

Rating: 4/5

Recommended For…: graphic novel, adventure, children’s readers, contemporary

Publication Date: April 5, 2021

Genre: Children’s Graphic Novel Contemporary hybrid

Recommended Age: 8+ (some mayham)

Explanation of CWs: Some small chaotic moments

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: not sure

Synopsis: HOW would your life be if you had so much money that it could fill the entire ocean? For Sarawakian Malcolm Mejin, he would travel all around the world in his private jet. He would also own the latest gadgets, the likes of which are so expensive that they could only be afforded by the wealthiest.

It’s such a good fantasy that Malcolm decided to pen it all down in his latest book, Diary of a Rich Kid, whose plot centres on a group of privileged, wealthy kids who lead the most lavish, extravagant lifestyle filled with excitement, suspense and adventure ― peppered with some humour.

Review: Overall, I thought this was a fun read. It read a lot like that old movie Richie Rich crossed with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. The book was funny and had good character development and world building. I also liked the plot of the story and it was well written.

However, the main character takes a little bit to like initially and a lot of the book focuses on the “issues” of this rich kid, which is unrealistic and unfathomable to a lot of kids, but after that the book was good.

Verdict: I loved it!