The Red Button Tour 

Tour Schedule:

November 8 – Paige @popthebutterfly
November 9 – JP
November 10 – CE @chelscey
November 11 – Nicole @thereadingrebel
November 12 – Jackie @dauntlessbooky

The Red Button


Find fresh affection for “A Christmas Carol” with this classic prequel—a
sweet, clean Regency romance—and enjoy the new holiday tradition of the
Red Button.

Belle Endicott’s farewell to her fiancé, Ebenezer Scrooge, has echoed
through time: “I release you. With a full heart, for the love of him you
once were. May you be happy in the life you have chosen!”

Here is the untold story of how the doomed lovers found and then lost
each other. And how their parting stayed with Scrooge daily and
ultimately prepared the way for his famous redemption.

Belle and Ebenezer are young, bookish, hardworking Londoners drawn
together by button-making. His brand-new factory threatens her family’s
tiny shop, yet they fall in love and start planning their future. When
personal and business calamities strike, they confront them vigorously
side by side, but Ebenezer’s bankers hover, and his ambition burns.

Ultimately something has to give. We know what it is. Belle and Ebenezer
do not.

Keith Eldred created the THIS IS RED project with his wife Janet, a
public library director diagnosed with early-stage dementia. With
Janet’s condition making every day precious, they decided to publish 20
Christmas books in 2020, the year of their 30th wedding anniversary. All
profits go to Janet’s work home, the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library.
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