Living at Langster Motel Book Tour 

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Tour Schedule:
December 13 – Paige @popthebutterflyDecember 14 – JP
Living at Langster Motel is a contemporary, coming-of-age middle grade novel about friendship and community.

The only thing worse than living in a motel is having the kids at school find out.

Thirteen-year-old Cali Jarvis isn’t exactly homeless, but the motel room she and her family live in isn’t exactly a normal home either. Cali lives at Langster Motel, a place filled with families who have no other place to call home. Cali’s best friend Rivka also lives there. Motel living is no vacation for anyone, but for Cali and Rivka, it’s the pits.

After reluctantly babysitting kids at the motel all summer, and trying to avoid the parents who recruit them for the unpaid job, Cali is optimistic that things will get better once they start school and make new friends. She convinces Rivka that their ticket to a more exciting life is to become popular at their new school, and the fastest path to popularity is to get in good with the most popular girls at school. The trick is to do it without anyone finding out where they live.

Living at Langster Motel is available on Amazon and other online sites.Amazon Link: Sites Links:

About the Author:

Cindy Sabulis writes both fiction and nonfiction. Living at Langster Motel is her debut middle-grade novel. Four of her previously published books were reference guides for doll collectors and she was a contributor to more than 25 collectible price guide books. In addition to her collectible reference books and her middle grade novel, Cindy is the author of “The Garage Sale How-To Guide,” a book that offers practical advice on holding a successful yard or garage sale.

Cindy’s website is at You can follow news about Living at Langster Motel on her Facebook page or on Twitter  @cindysabulis

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