Break the Stone by Cassie Swindon Book Tour

Tour Schedule:

December 20 – Paige @popthebutterfly
December 21 – JP

Break the Stone-
Raelyn Bell’s father forces them to flee their quaint town, severing the last connection to her past. In the new town, Raelyn defies Pa’s wishes by investigating the truth of her mother’s death. She believes that only the answers will help her fill the void plaguing her heart.

Meanwhile, U.S. Army Specialist Kody Walsh’s duty is to obey orders, no matter how “gray.” His questionable actions lead him straight to Raelyn. If Kody aids in Raelyn’s quest, it could mean game over for his career.

As the two cut through layers of lies, threats, ambushes, and stalkers, their bond grows stronger. But the dangers prove worse than they ever feared. Can they see this journey through without losing each other?

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