Hunt the Storm Book Tour

Tour Schedule:

December 27 – Paige @popthebutterfly
December 28 – JP
December 29 – Nicole @thereadingrebel

Raelyn’s journey started in Break the Stone, the first novel in the Golden Chains series. After following the puzzle pieces, she discovered the truth. But learning that information came at a cost.

In Hunt the Storm, Raelyn travels across the world to a dangerous desert land. While dealing with the grief of what she has lost, she pushes people away, including boyfriend, Kody, who only wants to help and support her. Determined to solve her problems alone, but failing miserably, Raelyn learns her lesson from the most unexpected person. Private Phoenix Peterson reenters her life and tugs on her heart.

An evil overlord stands in her way of happiness. Will Raelyn learn to rely on others and work together? Will she and Kody last through the obstacles they face in the desert?

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