The Birthday Book Tag!

Hey bookies! January 23 is my birthday! This year I’m going to be doing the Birthday Book Tag to celebrate! This challenge was started by Bionic Bookworm (correct if I’m wrong and here’s the link). Do this on your birthday if you want to!

1 – BIRTHDAY CAKE – a book with a plot that seems cliche but you adore it anyway

The Holiday Switch
Was this a typical Hallmark Holiday book? Yes. Did I enjoy it so much? Also yes.

2 – PARTY GUESTS – your most anticipated book release this year

Ophelia After All
I’ve been following Racquel for awhile now and I’m so excited to see her journey into author-ness. Also, sapphic and the cover is bae.

3 – BIRTHDAY PRESENTS – a book that surprised you with how much you loved it

Killer Content
I thought this was going to be an average murder mystery read, but I loved it so so much and I couldn’t put it down!

4 – THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG – a book that certainly deserved all the hype it got

Iron Widow (Iron Widow, #1)
This was the MVP of 2021 and you can’t convince me otherwise.

5 – HAPPY MUSIC – a book with some very beautiful and truly memorable quotes

Small Favors
I’m not a quote reader, I almost always forget quotes, but even with the issues I had with this read I thought this book was so beautiful and had some insightful things to say.

6 – GETTING OLDER – a book that you read a long time ago, but you think that you would appreciate it more if you read it as a more mature reader

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
I read this when I was like 12 and didn’t understand the pure terror in your kid disappearing in a National Park. Now I do as an adult who thinks back to all the strange things that happened to me in the National Parks.

7 – SWEET BIRTHDAY MEMORIES – a book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life

The Jasmine Project
2021 was so hard on me, especially during the fall season. This book helped me so much and gave me so much peace during my anxious periods.

And that’s it! Let me know what yours looks like!

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