Star Mother by Charlie N. Holmberg

Disclaimer: I received this arc from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Star Mother

Author: Charlie N. Holmberg

Book Series: Star Mother Book 1

Rating: 2/5

Recommended For…: science fiction, romance, fantasy, time travel

Publication Date: November 1, 2021

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Recommended Age: 17+ (sexual content, grief, pregnancy, slight miscarriage mention, slight pregnancy death mention, attempted sexual assault, violence, gore)

Explanation of CWs: The book had some sexual content and contains a pregnancy storyline, with some small mentions of miscarriage and death by pregnancy. There is some violence and gore and an attempted sexual assault.

Publisher: 47North

Pages: 268

Synopsis: A woman’s heart proves as infinite as the night sky in a breathtaking fantasy by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg.

When a star dies, a new one must be born.

The Sun God chooses the village of Endwever to provide a mortal womb. The birthing of a star is always fatal for the mother, and Ceris Wenden, who considers herself an outsider, sacrifices herself to secure her family’s honor and take control of her legacy. But after her star child is born, Ceris does what no other star mother has: she survives. When Ceris returns to Endwever, however, it’s not nine months later—it’s seven hundred years later. Inexplicably displaced in time, Ceris is determined to seek out her descendants.

Being a woman traveling alone brings its own challenges, until Ceris encounters a mysterious—and desperate—godling. Ristriel is incorporeal, a fugitive, a trickster, and the only being who can guide Ceris safely to her destination. Now, as Ceris traverses realms both mortal and beyond, her journey truly begins.

Together, pursued across the Earth and trespassing the heavens, Ceris and Ristriel are on a path to illuminate the mysteries that bind them and discover the secrets of the celestial world.

Review: This is an ok book, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of good to say about it. The book has an interesting story and the magic system is equally as interesting. I liked the god/goddess/solar system aspect and I felt like the author did well on the world building.

However, the book was not for me. The book is very fast paced and it feels like I was running to keep up with it. The love triangle is weird and unexpected. The characters weren’t developed, especially our main character, and her motives were just “I want to bone the Sun for attention” and “this other dude hot tho” and “woo is me”. She was super annoying and I quickly wanted to punch her in the face. The plot dragged in the middle and the book was just so difficult to get and stay into.

Verdict: It was not for me, but maybe for you!