Author Interview with PD Alleva!

1. What’s your books about?

The Rose series is about a species of alien vampires living in hollow earth who have conspired with elite humans and alien greys to subjugate the human population after WW3 by using a pharmaceutical that destroys grey matter in the brain, essentially turning the human population into easily controlled zombies. Ninety percent of Vol 1 takes place in an underground medical compound where the aliens are performing genetic experiments on humans and developing the necessary pharmaceutical. Only problem with the drug is that the c hemist uses an opiate-based chemistry in the pills that turns the alien vampires into raging addicted monsters. Also, in Vol 1, humans still are not aware that aliens exist with the exception of the underground rebellion who have been fighting the human elite and the aliens for thousands of years. Vol 1 is action packed, with battle after battle following the rebel freedom fighter, Phil, whose mission is to deliver an unsuspecting human, Sandy, to the rebellion compound to meet with the leader of the rebellion, a man named Robyn Winter.

Vol 2 is where the depth comes in. More alien conspiracies, a trip into hollow earth to Drac City (where the alien vampires live), across war torn America and beneath the ocean. Vol 2 offered the opportunity to expand on the story and the history of humans and aliens. I got to play around with some fantastic alien concepts and theories as well as science of mind concepts, interstellar travel, multiple dimensions, parallel universes, and philosophical concepts. Plus, it was damn good fun and I am absolutely astounded by Sanos’ performance. Sanos is the main alien vampire, antagonist and over all supreme villain in the series.

2. Who was your favorite character to write?

Sanos, the main alien vampire in the series has been my favorite to write. Yes he is the villain in the series, quite the diabolical one too. I enjoy writing villains more than any character, and that goes for all my books. My opinion is that there’s no better character than the villain, think about what The Silence of the Lambs would have been like without Hannibal the Cannibal. I take my villains seriously with the plan to outdo myself every time.

3. Who was your most difficult character to write?

Mono, the grey alien in charge of genetic manipulation in the underground medical compound in Vol 1, was probably the most difficult to write, although not too difficult at all really (I don’t have too many characters I find difficult to write). I think that what happened with Mono is that she jumped out at me by surprise. I had a different plan for her character but it appears she did not agree with how she was being portrayed, smacking me on the back of the head every time I attempted to push her along the timeline I expected. Sometimes characters do that.

4. What does your writing routine look like?

I enjoy writing in the morning, way before the sun comes up. Once I begin writing I start with the first line and then allow the book to develop on its own. I always have the ending in mind as well as additional scenes I’m excited to write about, but how the characters end up in those pivotal scenes is something I do not know.

5. What is the best writing advice you’ve gotten?

Read and study the craft while reading.

6. Where would you like to set your next book?

I just started writing Vol 3 which will take place primarily in the silver city in hollow earth where the alien vampires reside (featured in Vol 2), however, after Vol 3 is completed I’ll be venturing back into writing horror with a yet to be titled Jekyll and Hyde type of horror novel that I’m all too excited to begin writing since it is set in Sleepy Hollow, NY. I grew up in Westchester County New York and lived in Sleepy Hollow, which still remains one of my favorite places.

7. What made you decide to write sci-fi and horror stories?

I love the genre and some of my favorite childhood movies were scifi horror movies. Think Alien, The Thing, Predator, or The Fly (I love Jeff Goldblum). Also scifi and horror are my two favorite genres to read plus I have a taste for action adventure reads, so why not combine everything and turn it into one hell of an awesome ride.

8. What’s a genre you’d love to write in?

I started writing what I thought at the time was going to be an urban fantasy novella series titled Girl on a Mission, but as I kept writing the story unfolded more along the lines of a horror thriller, so I guess I’ll have to scratch the other genres for now, seems my brain is all about the scares and gore for the time being, although I do have an urban fantasy series idea I’ve been thinking about over the last few years titled, Witches and Gypsies but only time will tell.

9. What’s something you would like to tell future authors?

Keep reading, keep writing, and hone your craft. As for all this marketing stuff goes, do your research and find out what works best for you.

10. When will your next book be released?

Ok, so I write scifi books and horror books. The Rose Vol 2 was published in Dec 2021 and Golem, my psychological horror novel, was published in October 2021. I just started writing Vol 3 and I am currently editing my next horror novel, Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, a book I refer to as my satirical cosmic grindhouse horror fantasy thriller novel. I anticipate both books will be published in 2023. I like to take my time with each novel, giving supreme focus to the writing, editing, and design that comes along with the craft, so we will be waiting for the newbies to see the light of day, however, I’ll have ARC copies available way before publication. Best way to stay up to date on all things PD Alleva (and grab and ARC), is to head over to my website and join my mailing list. I don’t like spam so I don’t do it; I usually send the newsletter once a month and sometimes once a quarter. It all depends on what’s happening out there in PD Land. Website: