Uncharted by Alli Temple

Disclaimer: I received this finished copy from the author. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Uncharted

Author: Alli Temple

Book Series: The Pirate and Her Princess Book 1

Rating: 5/5

Smut: 1.5/5

Diversity: Sapphic, Lesbian MC and LI, non-binary side character, POC side characters

Recommended For…: fantasy, romance, pirates, LGBT, Sapphic

Publication Date: February 1, 2021

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Age Relevance: 18+ (homophobia, sexism, violence, gore, death, grief, language, panic attack, alcoholism, sexual assault, rape, attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, sexual content, romance, abuse)

Explanation of Above: The book has scenes of violence and gore in it, including death and grief. There are some homophobia and sexism in the book, as well as abuse. Sexual assault and rape are mentioned and attempted sexual assault is shown. There is some cursing and a panic attack shown. There is some mentions of alcoholism and there is a kidnapping shown. There is some small sexual content and romance in the book.

Publisher: Indie Published

Pages: 350

Synopsis: In a world of arrogant nobles and their punishing laws, Georgina will be hanged if anyone discovers she is a spy. But when the wicked prince proposes marriage, Georgina must accept. Refusing would expose the secrets she has delivered to a hidden resistance and forfeit her life. With her wedding day looming ever closer, salvation comes from an unlikely source.

Pirate Captain Cinder is a terror on the open sea, striking fear into hearts wherever she sails. Now she has a new target. The vulnerable Princess Georgina should be an easy mark in Cinder’s kidnapping plot. But the legend of Captain Cinder is more intertwined with Georgina’s own history than either of them expect.

Treacherous storms. A mysterious pirate king. The prince’s unrelenting pursuit. Georgina and Cinder can only escape by following the uncharted course of their hearts. But just as a future together is within their grasp, Cinder’s past threatens to drag them both to the deep.

Review: I was absolutely blown away by this book. I thought the book was well written and it was an amazing pirate adventure with a Sapphic romance! I loved the premise, the story was well done, and the character development was amazing. The story is amazing and I can’t wait  for the next installment.

However, I did think that the world building needed to be a bit more developed and I wanted to see more of character development for the MC, but overall I highly enjoyed it.

Verdict: It was amazing!!

Unbroken by Alli Temple

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author for a tour. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: Unbroken

Author: Alli Temple

Book Series: The Pirate and Her Princess Book 2

Rating: 4.5/5

Spice: 2/5

Diversity: Sapphic, Lesbian character and MC, non-binary character

Recommended For…: fantasy, pirates, romance

Publication Date: May 2, 2022

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Age Relevance: 17+ (sexual content, violence, gore, homophobia, language, sexual assault)

Explanation of Above: There are some brief mentions of sexual content and sex in the book. There are also some very brief mentions of sexual assault which quickly led to the characters getting revenge. The book has a lot of violence and gore in the book, as well as a lot of cursing. There are also some brief moments of homophobia.

Publisher: Indie Published

Pages: 315

Synopsis: A pirate’s home is the sea, sailing beyond the horizon with her true love.

Aboard the Crimson Siren, Captain Cinder finally has the life she’s always dreamed of. Her freedom is restored, her crew is a trustworthy bunch, and the princess who holds her heart is by her side.

But trouble brewing back in Redmere threatens to pull Cinder and Princess Georgina apart before their future can truly begin. Georgina feels a responsibility to help, while Cinder is vehemently against returning to their former home. Instead, she embarks on a dangerous treasure hunt that could cost her everything. Faced with a deadly threat, Cinder pushes everyone around her away just when she needs them most.

Friendships are tested. Risky alliances forged. Yet as storm clouds darken Cinder’s future, one thing becomes painfully clear: Her home is taking on water, and time to save the people she loves is running out.

Review: I really love this series! The book is a well written pirate story with Sapphic main characters who return from the first book. I loved the premise of the story and how much more pirate this book was. The book had well developed characters and world building. The series has quickly become a favorite of mine and I can’t wait for the third in the series.

However, I did feel like while the character development was really good in this book that we missed out on some strong moments between book 1 and 2. The books are well written, but some of the motives of the group are a bit out there. There were also some definite jumping the shark moments, but overall I enjoyed this one.

Verdict: It was great! Highly recommend!