Pride Books for Every Trope!

Hello bookies! I just got done editting some videos for my Youtube on some pride books I’m looking forward to and pride books I’ve read so far this year, but I wanted to do one more pride list for my blog, so this one will focus on tropes and pride books that fit them! Enjoy!

Enemies to Lovers:

The robot uprising has happened and humans are enslaved. When our heroine is on a mission to take down the bots, why does she find herself falling for one?

Friends to Lovers:

They get kicked out of their home after coming out and have to adjust to a new life at a new school, but what started as disaster might turn into the best thing ever when they start developing feelings for their friend.

Love Triangle:

She’s got the guy of her dreams, but why can’t she stop thinking about the girl she met over summer?

Found Family:

She might be the Once and Future King and she might have started a domino effect that is bringing an oppressive government down on all of their heads, but at least they all have each other.

The “Evil One”:

Gaining superpowers didn’t cause him to be good…

The Chosen One:

With power comes great responsibility and great struggles. There’s also birds of prey in this one.

Turned Into A Beauty Queen:

When she finds out that the financial aid she needs is only obtainable for prom king and queen, she has to enter into the gauntlet to try and win the money to obtain her dreams.

Save the World?:

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and they are fine with this newfound chemistry they have between each other.


Vampire-only boarding school and conspiracies wrapped up in a Dark Academia bow

Boarding School:

Something isn’t quite right at this school as two students uncover numerous secrets that show a deadly history of institutionalized racism and white supremacy.

Orphan Has A Destiny:

Running from the people who killed your mom to saving the day is quite a journey for our MC.

Sports Romance:

She has to go a semester without getting into a fight to retain her position on the basketball team… so she joins football and inspires a revolution.

My Best Friend’s Sibling:

She pushed everyone away, but her brother’s best friend keeps coming back.
This is very young YA/upper MG.

Wedding Plus One:

Weddings are romantic and can uplift a mood. So he brings his best friend along to cheer him up. But will this wedding trip lead to more in the end?

Bury Your Gays… sike!:

I thought we were dying, but we don’t bury our gays in this rec list

Summer Camp:

Summer camp plus toxic masculinity critiques and a lesson in love.


You can’t have a queer list without a theater trope rec. She has a love curse that curses each play, so her challenge is to not fall for anyone. That’s all fine and dandy until the female lead walks on stage left.

Gay Retelling:

Gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty tale that also meets Indiana Jones

Second Chance:

They’re exes. They’re competing against each other. But when they’re forced to partner up, can they put aside their differences and win the competition?

Forbidden Love:

She’s promised to the prince, but when she falls for the princess and develops magic, will she be able to follow her heart or will she be forced to follow her head?


A chance meeting at a dance leads to a wild romance that helps them both break free.

We Met Online:

Technically they met IRL, but online you can be anyone including collaborators on a graphic novel and lovers.

“Books I Never See Anyone Reading” *eyeroll*:

Books I HONESTLY Never See Anyone Reading:

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