The Truth About Everything Spotlight

Gut a fish. Rewire a truck. Survive the collapse of the US government. All lessons fifteen-year-old Lark has learned during “homeschool” with her conspiracy-theorist-Doomsday-prepping parents. If only she’d also learned the fundamentals of human biology or even how to read. When Lark gets her first period and realizes how much she doesn’t know, she ignores … Continue reading The Truth About Everything Spotlight

Miss Del Rio

MISS DEL RIO: A NOVEL OF DELORES DEL RIO, THE FIRST MAJOR LATINA STAR IN HOLLYWOOD Author: Bárbara Mujica ISBN: 9781525899935 Publication Date: October 4, 2022 Publisher: Graydon House Buy Links: BookShop:  Harlequin:  Barnes & Noble:  Amazon:  Books-A-Million:   Powell’s:  Author Website:  Facebook: Twitter:  Goodreads:  Author … Continue reading Miss Del Rio