Beautiful Dreamer Chapter 3 (Rough Draft)

I sigh and get off the window bench I “slept” on that night. Daniel and mom know I have insomnia, but I’m not sure if they know how bad it is, that I sometimes go days without it just to crash randomly. I once crashed in the middle of a street, which I played off … Continue reading Beautiful Dreamer Chapter 3 (Rough Draft)


Beautiful Dreamer Chapter 2 (Rough Draft)

When I fall asleep, which sometimes doesn't happen, I don't dream. My dad used to say  that I dreamed so much during the day that my mind was tired when it finally drifted off to sleep. I still believed that was true. So when I felt someone tugging at my tennis shoes, I knew it … Continue reading Beautiful Dreamer Chapter 2 (Rough Draft)

Prologue – Beautiful Dreamer (Rough Draft)

You may think you know the Sandman, but you are sorely mistaken. The story has been passed down throughout the years, but it's been the wrong story. Yes, the Sandman comes while you slumber to sprinkle dust into your eyes so you might have dreams. The evidence of such is the grit in your eyes … Continue reading Prologue – Beautiful Dreamer (Rough Draft)