Saddler’s Sacrifice by Nicole Rodrigues

  Tour Schedule: January 13 - Paige @popthebutterfly January 14 - JP January 15 - Stacie @borenbooks January 16 - Rosemarie @roselovestoread January 17 - Nicole @nicolerodriguesauthor  January 18 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind January 19 - Nikki @thereadingrebel Saddler's Sacrifice Synopsis: Declan O’ Sullivan. He came like a tornado into our lives, swept me up in his strong winds and then spit … Continue reading Saddler’s Sacrifice by Nicole Rodrigues

Saddler’s Secret by Nicole Rodriques

Tour Schedule: January 6 - Paige @popthebutterfly January 7 - JP January 8 - Stacie @borenbooks January 9 - Nicole @nicolerodriguesauthor January 10 - Rosemarie @roselovestoread January 11 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind January 12 - Nikki @thereadingrebel Saddler's Secret Synopsis: Machlin Saddler. Uber asshole, real estate mogul, sexy as hell and CEO of Saddler Enterprises, … Continue reading Saddler’s Secret by Nicole Rodriques

Viridis by Lauren Hemphill

Tour Schedule: December 30 - Paige @popthebutterfly December 31 - JP January 2 - Stacie @borenbooks January 3 - Jesseca @jessicawillis January 4 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind January 5 - CE @chelscey Synopsis: After years of fighting a war she doesn’t believe in, Jade Cavvar is being awarded for her efforts. But when an assassin makes an attempt on her life, … Continue reading Viridis by Lauren Hemphill

Most Ardently: An Austen-Inspired Christmas Collection by Sheena Austin

“This is quite the season indeed for friendly meetings. At Christmas every body invites their friends about them, and people think little of even the worst weather. I was snowed up at a friend’s house once for a week. Nothing could be pleasanter.” ~Emma Join New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors as … Continue reading Most Ardently: An Austen-Inspired Christmas Collection by Sheena Austin

The Unfettered Child by Michael C. Sahd

Tour Schedule: December 23 - Paige @popthebutterfly December 24 - JP December 26 - Stacie @borenbooks December 27 - Laura @laurathebookunicorn December 28 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind Synopsis: When eight-year-old Samara faces the capture of her tribe, an unimaginable power awakens within her. Even as this magic threatens to consume her, a disembodied voice intervenes, offering guidance and helping her … Continue reading The Unfettered Child by Michael C. Sahd

Storm’s Clouds by JW Golan

Hey guys! Thanks for signing up for the tour! Scheduled date is December 19! Storm's Clouds: Stormfall Chronicles Book 2 Release Date: 19 Dec 2019 Print Length: 407 pages Amazon link: Goodreads link: A dragon: the most powerful, destructive and malevolent force known. The last thing Lynette ever wanted to get closer to – … Continue reading Storm’s Clouds by JW Golan

Behind the Lens by Nasirah Kathrada

  Tour Schedule: December 16 - Paige @popthebutterfly December 17 - JP December 18 - Stacie @borenbooks December 19 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind December 20 - Jen (@3chairsbooks) Title: Behind the Lens Author: 15 year old Nasirah Kathrada (@nnaskatz on IG) Date published: 2019 Publisher: Artson Synopsis: Behind The Lens is an anthology of poetry which is predominantly about social issues. It is a must … Continue reading Behind the Lens by Nasirah Kathrada

Storm’s Herald by JW Golan

Storm's Herald: Stormfall Chronicles Book 1 Release Date: 19 Jan 2019 Print Length: 237 pages Amazon link: Goodreads link: A peasant girl who dreams of becoming a sorceress, a boy who imagines himself a knight – trailed by a ruthless mercenary armed with an ancient sword. All Lynette wanted was to leave her … Continue reading Storm’s Herald by JW Golan

The Raven Queen by Raven Mills

Hey guys! Thanks for signing up! Tour Schedule: December 9 - Paige @popthebutterfly December 10 - JP December 11 - Stacie @borenbooks December 12 - Candy @purpleshadowhunter December 13 - CE @chelscey December 14 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind December 15 - Nikki @thereadingrebel December 16 - Kriz @bloommagic_ The Raven Queen🖤 -Some Myths Are Prophecy- … Continue reading The Raven Queen by Raven Mills

Falling for Wolfe by Dawn Clifton

Just after the Civil War, 1865.Friendship. Deception. Passion. Obsession. Love. What else can one summer hold?  Julia Wescott, a head-strong and independent widow, is happily married to her work as a healer throughout the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Despite the occasional drama entailed with helping vacationers and locals, Julia is able to maintain a … Continue reading Falling for Wolfe by Dawn Clifton