Deadlock by CE Clayton Book Tour

“There are those willing to fight for you, if you fight for yourself.”

The plan was always to go to Amardeep, just not like this.

Ellinor Rask always planned to head for the Ashling’s island in order to hunt down those who had killed her husband, but now she’s going for something she didn’t expect: help. With Ellinor’s magic still beyond her reach, the only ones capable of removing her magical shackle are the sentient androids Ellinor has vowed to destroy. If only she can tolerate the Ashlings long enough to aid them in return, of course.

But getting the attention of those who could help proves difficult, and more dangerous than anticipated. Knowing whom to trust becomes a frantic dance as Ellinor and her friends traverse the toxic island in disguise, going from fight-club dance arenas to drug labs all in their search for assistance. Ellinor discovers, however, that hiding a dreeocht who is becoming more unstable by the second is increasingly deadly.

If hiding was all Ellinor had to worry about, she might have a chance at survival. But something waits beneath the glitter of Amardeep that Ellinor and her friends are not expecting . . . something they may be unprepared to face.

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January 17 – Paige @popthebutterfly
January 18 – JP

Stop the Clock Book Tour

Tour Schedule:

January 3 – Paige @popthebutterfly
January 4 – JP
January 5 – Nicole @thereadingrebel

Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock
Golden Chains Series, Book 3
Available November 18, 2021

Stop the Clock is the trilogy finale of the Golden Chains series. Raelyn Bell’s family is falling apart by the seams. Hiding out in a tiny cabin, she fears the villain responsible for the entire mess may track her down and take away who she has remaining. Desperate to protect those she loves, she has no other choice but to stand up to the danger and prove this threat guilty once and for all.

Kody Walsh fights to stay with Raelyn but is dragged away to a foreign land by the same hostile they had been trying to avoid. Kody is commanded to complete unimaginable tasks for the sake of the enemy and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

They both struggle to reunite for the sake of their future with different plans to destroy the one who continually rips them apart. Can they see this journey through without losing their lives?

Princess of Beasts Release Day Tour

In the entire kingdom of Ahri, Princess Sahri is the only person who can talk to animals and heal them. She’s beloved by the people, but she’s living a lie. Deep inside, she wants a man who she’s not just forbidden to be with, but he’s also a criminal, part of the Ahri Reformation—using the Rune of Obedience to force criminals who fight well to put their talents to better use. What’s worse, is the man—her bodyguard, Jekre—hates her and the entire royal family for what they’ve done.

But those are the least of Sahri’s worries.

The Anati are creatures who bring life and springtime to Ahri every time they return from their long migration across the Sea. But when someone murders them, the kingdom faces a famine that will destroy them all.

Not all hope is lost—yet.

Two of the Anati had eggs. If Sahri can use her powers to keep the eggs long enough to help them get to the nesting grounds, the Anati will live. As the young ones grow, they can heal the land and save the kingdom and Sahri’s people.

The only problem is that her parents ordered her bodyguard to keep her inside the palace. The Rune of Obedience forces Jekre to comply—which means he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Sahri inside.

Who killed the Anati? The threat to the kingdom is a mystery, unknown by everyone except Jekre. And he’s been sworn to silence.

Can Sahri escape, and if she does, will she be able to get the eggs to the nesting ground in time?

Or will a famine bring Ahri to its knees?

Author bio: Joanna White is a Christian Author and fangirl. Hunter and Shifter are the first two books in her debut series, called the Valiant Series, published by Christian publisher Ambassador International and there are more to come. In December 2019, one of her short stories was featured in Once Upon A Yuletide, a Christmas fairy tale anthology by Divination Publishing. Dark Magi, Book One of the Republic Chronicles came out in November 2019. Glimpses of Time and Magic, a historical fantasy anthology, also featured one of her stories. The Crystal Heist was her most recent release, in August 2020.
She graduated from Full Sail University with a BFA in Creative Writing For Entertainment. Ever since she was ten years old, she’s been writing stories and has a deep passion for writing and creating stories, worlds, characters, and plots that readers can immerse themselves in. In 2020, she reached her personal goal of writing a million words in a year. Most of all, Joanna loves God, her family, staying at home, and being a total nerd.

To stay updated and find out more about her novels, where her inspiration comes from, games, giveaways, and more, visit her website at:  

Paradoxeffair by Maria Vermisoglou (A story from the Glimpses of Time and Magic Anthology) Book Tour

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December 28 – Paige @popthebutterfly
December 29 – JP
December 30 – Melina @melisbookreviews
December 31 – Ode Ray @authoroderay
January 2 – Ciara @ciara_writes_and_reads
January 3 – Marizaan @south_african_fangirl
January 4 – Nicole @thereadingrebel

History is quite a fascinating thing. We know the stories that have been told to us since we were children, but there are secrets… Magical secrets that are desperate to be revealed.

Pompeii was a tragedy the world will never forget, but what really caused the volcanic eruption that ended it all?

Why was the great sword Excalibur really destroyed?

The rolling hills of Victorian England seem peaceful enough, but what secrets really lurk there?

And would it surprise you that there are darker secrets in Ancient Rome than people ever dreamed?

If the Great Fog of London isn’t what it seems?

You think you know Harry Houdini, but do you know the man behind all the tricks?

And what if the mystery of Roanaoke runs deeper than you could ever imagine?

Could Ireland’s potato famine really be caused by a mage gone mad?

What if a ghost ship off the coast of England was more than a phantom?

Want to find out the secrets behind each of these stories? Read nine exciting tales where history and magic collide from authors Michaela Baker, James Quinlan Meservy, Ariel Paiement, Joshua Reid, Alicia Scarborough, Maria Vermisoglou, Joanna White, Kandi J. Wyatt, and Sara Zagorski.

Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward (Review Only Tour)

Cynetic Wolf cover
Tour Schedule:
September 21 – Paige @popthebutterfly
September 22 – Chrystal @chrystalstevens1331
September 23 – Anca @summon_fantasy
September 24 – Jessaca @jessaca_with_an_a
September 25 – Candy @purpleshadowhunter
September 26 – Tyanne @fablesandfollies
Author Bio:

Matt Ward is a science fiction and fantasy author of fast-paced dystopians and speculative thrillers, including: Cynetic Wolf, Death Donor, and Neanderthal King. When he’s not writing, he’s an entrepreneur and startup consultant, host of the Disruptors.FM tech podcast, and a top-50 ranked futurist worldwide.

You can find Matt online at Or, you can connect with Matt on Twitter: @mattwardwrites, on Facebook:, or Instagram: @mattwardwrites, or email him at if you’d like to say hey.

Cynetic Wolf

It’s 2096, sixty years after ninety percent died from a man-made Bioplague. Humanity has splintered into four unequal subspecies: immortals, cyborgs, enhancers, and subservient half-human, half-animal hybrids.

The world is anything but equal. Hybrids everywhere are suffering, but sixteen-year-old Raek Mekorian, a wolfish with a nose for trouble, doesn’t see an alternative. Except the Resistance, who don’t stand a chance against the world government. His mom always said, “Keep your head down.”

And he does, until his sister is murdered by a pair of cyborgs. Overnight, his simple life is shattered, fracturing the rigid governmental caste as he is thrust into the dangerous world of superhuman hit squads, Resistance uprisings, and secrets better left unsaid.

With only built-in blasters and the advice of a mysterious professor, Raek must navigate crushing betrayal, self-doubt, and a limitless enemy whose evil knows no bounds.

The fate of mankind may rest in his hands.

The Venus Virus

Tour Schedule:

September 7 – Paige @popthebutterfly
September 8 – JP
September 9 – Stacie @borenbooks
September 10 – Carmilla @carmillavoiez
September 11 – Anvesha @agirlfromthatworld

Blurb – New London: 2067
Britain struggles to rebuild after the crushing devastation of the Great Flood.
Those in power have formed a new regime in the wake of the disaster.
Whether it is a hard-won utopia or an oppressive nightmare depends
entirely on gender. Unmarried women have no legal rights or
protection, and their access to education and employment is limited to
ensure their servitude. Yet a fire burns within them to prove they are
far from the weaker sex, and their rebellion seeks to tear down the
patriarchal rule.
Cerys and Gloria have very different dreams, but a common enemy.
Joining an underground alliance, they discover a group of scientists
in possession of a weapon powerful enough to change society forever.
Their radical solution is not without great risk. Failure means death
or imprisonment. Success could land them in a seat of authority, over
a society that loathes them, without the requisite skills to thrive.

The Poet’s War by Francis O’Neill

the poet's war


It is Europe’s darkest time in near memory. American warrior poet Alistair Stears, thrown into Italian WWI through his mother’s love for an Italian colonel, experienced a convoy of the dying through burning provinces of Italy in the terrible retreat of 1917. It brought from him the great English poem of the Italian war.

One war later, all gracious things await destruction, knowledge is burned, thought coarsened, manners trashed, perverted faith and truth follow the dictators’ flags-vultures to grace. Stears is a famous poet now, married into German-Italian nobility and determined with his wife to fight the Axis powers. He risks everything to protect Italy and all else he loves. He finds that the bravest and fiercest resistance may be the rightness of a poem, the closing of a letter, the welcome of guests, the embrace of a bride, faith toward a fallen friend-and that it may also come from the barrel of a gun. Spanning both world wars, The Poet’s War finds loyalty, patriotism, war, deception, intrigue, romance, love, and death swept up in a maelstrom that spans generations and changes Europe forever.


A Q&A with Francis O’Neill Author, The Poet’s War 

Question: How, if at all, did writing this book differ from writing your earlier works in the 

80s and 90s? 

Francis O’Neill: My ‘style,’ a word I rather shy from, is never and always the 

same. Reading my first real book (Agents of Sympathy) it seems written by anyone but 

me; if you ask me to say exactly where the difference lies, I don’t think I could. My 

characters, now and ever, float up out of deep pools, and I am always startled to meet 


Question: Who do you consider to be the great “warrior poets” whom your protagonist 

Alistair may or may not be modelled after? 

Francis O’Neill: True ‘great warrior poets’ are very scarce, both being rather full-time 

jobs. Alistair (and I) would insist that the saint, the warrior, and the artist meet as points 

of a triangle, by which they are joined–but they are not the same. Castiglione, Alistair’s 

hero and the great essayist of the courtier-warrior would agree, though he did not quite 

say it. 

If you mean ‘poets of war,’ then, 1,2,3: Homer, Virgil, the poet of Le Geste de Roland

Question: What can a return to the era of grace and civility teach us in modern times? 

Francis O’Neill: Grace has nothing to do with an era, though more understood in 

certain past eras than our own. What is it, and what is it not? Among those I have 

actually known the two most certainly endowed with grace have been HH Prince Geza 

von Hapsburg, and my grandmother’s late head parlour maid. How seen? A certain 

lightness. A capacity to make everybody nearby somehow happy by doing nothing that 

anybody can see. Attention. Voice. 

In the Revolution, by the guillotine (it was abominably run, as you might expect), a 

nobleman and a lady he knew well, both condemned and filthy from the dungeon, were, 

as you might say, ‘next to go.’ He said, “Madame, I fear that this time I must pass in 

front of you.” She replied, “Mon ami, surely you will not take my lady’s prerogative from 

me at the very end.” Magnificent, because grace is never so much grace as in the face 

of terror. 

Grace is not a time. It is not crinolines. It is light. It is holding yourself up from the floor. It 

is preferring loyalty to advantage. 

Question: Do you have a personal philosophy? 

Francis O’Neill: Believe in God. Have good manners. Never mail a letter the day you 

write it. Don’t keep women waiting. Don’t eat chocolate with Sauternes or a cigar. Never 

be rude unintentionally. That’ll about do it.

Soul of the Crow by Jessaca Willis

IG_SotC_CoverReveal_03 (1)


Book Blurb:

Darkness threatens to consume all in Soul of the Crow, an epic adventure of magic and betrayal, perfect for fans of Jay Kristoff and Leigh Bardugo.

Death is written for all, but only the Councilspirits can see when a life has reached its end, and only a Reaper can deliver the final, fatal touch.

Sinisa is one of them.

For three years, she’s served the underrealm as a Reaper, killing mortals and siphoning their souls with the aid of her crow familiar. She only needs to collect one more to ascend as a Shade—a coveted status of power in the underrealm—and to mark the momentous occasion, her Councilspirit mentors have chosen the Princess of Oakfall as her final kill.

It should be easy.

But when the Prince of Oakfall discovers his sister is in danger, he flees the palace with her. Sinisa is left with only two options: journey through the mortal realm to find and slay her mark or face the consequences of returning to Veltuur empty-handed. It’s no choice at all. She has come too far and is too close to earning her title to let them escape.

Besides, no one can outrun a Reaper.

Or can they…

Soul of the Crow is a dark high fantasy adventure with reapers/assassins, bandits, prophets, and enough death magic to keep the entire mortal realm quaking with fear. If you loved The Nevernight ChroniclesThe Shadows Between UsKing of ScarsReign of the Fallen, or books by Jenna Moreci and Laura Thalassa, you will devour this ethereal, gothic saga.

Come. Walk through the forest of the underrealm and discover what’s lurking there in the shadows.

The Subway Girl by Lisa Becker

COVER The Subway Girl


Tour Schedule:

August 24 – Paige @popthebutterfly

August 25 – JP

August 26 – Stacie @borenbooks

August 27 – Nicole @thereadingrebel


The Subway Girl: A hopeless romantic. A cynical web show producer. An unscrupulous cameraman. A sleazy businessman. An aspiring actress. A womanizing best friend. A scheming ex-girlfriend. A commitment-phobic roommate. An unlucky-in-love buddy. These lives intersect when an average guy is awed by a gorgeous mystery woman on a New York subway and vows to meet her.

The Three Privileges by A.V. Davina

When they finally find his trace, his life and the world order change forever.

Nahuel is a teenager -the most wanted in the world- but he doesn’t know it, because his grandfather has managed to hide his true identity from him.

The United Nations Organization sends him an invitation that he cannot refuse. In the mysterious underground floor, Nahuel learns the power of privileges and its sacred connection to nature. Together with a group of young people from all over the world, he will be trained to discover and work his extraordinary skills, without knowing that he is a key player in an ancient, never-ending war.

Nahuel must fight against the devastating forces that the Ignobles bring with them and, on the way, discover who he is and what the true story of his family is.