Long Grows the Dark by Sarah Catherine Labadie

Author Bio: Catherine Labadie lives in the mountains of the picturesque Carolinas with her husband and her dogs Fannie, Heidi, and Zoey. A Turn of the Wheel is her third novel, and she has many more stories waiting in the wings. Long Grows the Dark: Before Glenna, court sorceress in service to Princess Jael, struggles … Continue reading Long Grows the Dark by Sarah Catherine Labadie

Saddler’s Sacrifice by Nicole Rodrigues

Saddler's Sacrifice Synopsis: Declan O’ Sullivan. He came like a tornado into our lives, swept me up in his strong winds and then spit me out, leaving me broken. So beyond broken. Our love was forever, or at least that's what I thought when he was deployed with the air force, leaving me behind with … Continue reading Saddler’s Sacrifice by Nicole Rodrigues

Crystals Magical Tale by Maria Vermisoglou

  Tour schedule: November 11 - Paige @popthebutterfly November 12 - JP @mr.pink.ink November 13 - Stacie @borenbooks November 14 - Madhumita @mabookyard November 15 - Rosemarie @roselovestoread November 16 - Kriz @bloommagic_ Synopsis: Crystal's Magical Tale: A Mermaid's Heart Crystal’s life isn’t so wonderful under the sea. With family expectations weighing her down she … Continue reading Crystals Magical Tale by Maria Vermisoglou

Waiting Out The Storm by Jennifer Payne

Poems on death, grief, and gratitPoems on death, grief, and gratitude written from the shoreline of Connecticut and the wide and windswept beaches of Cape Cod. Reflecting on the sudden loss of a close friend, author Jen Payne looks to the solace of nature. On the opening pages, she allows the poet Rilke to remind … Continue reading Waiting Out The Storm by Jennifer Payne

The Hunted by Louisa Ellemind

Phoenix has rage. Arin has love. Ariel has mercy. Glacia has a mind of her own. Four young sisters with special abilities have spent their lives fighting against the creatures who murdered their mother. Then they get separated, and suddenly nothing is as it was before. Struggling through webs of lies and deceit, they could … Continue reading The Hunted by Louisa Ellemind

A Fiery Twist of Fate by Rachel Pudsey

Tour Schedule:November 4 - Paige @popthebutterflyNovember 5 - JP @mr.pink.inkNovember 6 - Stacie @borenbooksNovember 7 - Madhumita @mabookyardNovember 8 - Rosemarie @roselovestoreadNovember 9 - Kriz @bloommagic_Kai Sisu lurks in the shadows, threatening the fate of an entire land. He is a creature of legend. A myth. A being that no longer exists. Except, he does. … Continue reading A Fiery Twist of Fate by Rachel Pudsey

Under Her Cursed Scythe Giveaway!

To celebrate JM Wong's book’s birthday, 5 copies of my books will be given out for this giveaway. The period of entering the giveaway starts from 31/10/2019 till 30/11/2019. Any participants who fulfill the requirements within this time period will have the chance to enter the giveaway. 5 lucky winners will be picked from all … Continue reading Under Her Cursed Scythe Giveaway!

Vices/Virtues by Beatrice DeSoprontu

A genre-breaking, racy, philosophical, funny tale about family, fetishes and identity. Cristela had a childhood shrouded in secrets. Ashamed of their circumstances, her mother told lies and encouraged her daughter to do the same. As Cristela grew, she unraveled the lies, but found that deception is a hard habit to break. Now, as an adult, … Continue reading Vices/Virtues by Beatrice DeSoprontu

Written in the Stars by TE Bradford

Hey guys! Thanks for signing up for this tour! Here's the items: Tour Schedule: October 28 - Paige @popthebutterfly October 29 - JP @mr.pink.ink October 30 - Stacie @borenbooks October 31 - Candy @purpleshadowhunter November 1 - CE @chelscey November 2 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind November 3 - Rosemarie @roselovestoread November 4 - Laura @laurathebookunicorn November … Continue reading Written in the Stars by TE Bradford

Antiquity’s Gate by Renee Hurteau

Antiquity’s Gate: Three Days Till Dawn Book Blurb Antiquity’s Gate forced two realities to collide—what followed tore one of them apart. Now those who remain coexist beneath the shelter of a domed Antarctic city, held together by a tenuous peace and an increasingly dystopian hierarchy. Any hope of one day leaving the confines of Sanctuary … Continue reading Antiquity’s Gate by Renee Hurteau