November 2017 – Enchanted Book Box

Raing: 5/5 Price: $38.00 USD/month plus shipping and handling. You can purchase a one-time box to test out the company to see if it is the right fit for you. There are sometimes half-boxes available for cheaper and you do save some money with subscribing. Sometimes the company also offers limited edition boxes. The company … Continue reading November 2017 – Enchanted Book Box


November 2017 – Shelf Love Crate!

Rating: 4/5 Price: 29.99 USD with 7.99 USD shipping for a one-time box. Subscribing month-to-month will be $29.99, a three month will be $86.97, and a six month will be #167.94. Products: A newly released fantasy or sci-fi book and four or more bookish items. Ships To: USA and internationally. Hello everyone! For the month … Continue reading November 2017 – Shelf Love Crate!

November 2017 – Indie Book Connect

Rating: 4/5 Price: $20/month but there is also a 3 month subscription for $57 ($19/month), a 6 month for $105 ($17.50/month), and a 12 month for $192 ($16/month). BUT You could save 10% if you use my code POPTHEBUTTERFLY. Products: Two books from two different indie authors along with at least one bookmark. Ships to: … Continue reading November 2017 – Indie Book Connect

October 2017 – Disney Villains Box by Jaelynn’s Bookshop!

Rating: 5/5   Price: $36.95 ($33, $3.30 discount for using a rep code (NERDY10), and shipping was $7.25)   Ships: I’m not sure if Jae will be doing another box, but she does ship internationally for her other products. Go check her out!   To view the video for this, please click on this fancy … Continue reading October 2017 – Disney Villains Box by Jaelynn’s Bookshop!

October 2017 – Biblio Book Box

Rating: 5/5   Price: $21.60 USD plus tax. This company is stationed in Canada so shipping might be extra depending on where you live.   Ships: Worldwide!   Hello! I did something a little different in this unboxing. I now have a booktube channel so I made an unboxing video! If you want to check it out, … Continue reading October 2017 – Biblio Book Box

October 2017 – Barkbox

Rate: 5/5   Price: $29 USD/month for box to box or you could buy a subscription: a 6 month is $25 USD/month and a 12 month is $21 USD/month. You can choose from 3 different sizes depending on your pups size (a small, medium, or large dog). They also offer heavy chewer and allergic customization … Continue reading October 2017 – Barkbox

October 2017 – Book of the Month

Rating: 5/5   Price: Well, it depends! It’s basically $10 USD a month and you can get a subscription plan to save more money, but you can also choose to spend more money per month depending on the books you want! Each additional book is $9.99 USD each, which is really a steal for some … Continue reading October 2017 – Book of the Month

October 2017 – Indie Book Connect

Rating: 5/5   Price: $20.00 USD for a month-to- month subscription without tax applied. The company also offers a 3 month prepay ($57.00 USD), a 6 month prepay ($105.00 USD), and a 12 month prepay ($192.00 USD).     Products: Two AUTOGRAPHED books wrote by indie authors that you won’t find in popular stores such as Books … Continue reading October 2017 – Indie Book Connect

PAST BOX BUY – June 2017 OwlCrate

Rating: 4/5   Price: Normally this box can be purchased for $29.99/month, but if you do a subscription service you can get the box for $28.99 (3 month plan) or $27.99 (6 month plan). This box is available for $21.99 in their Past Boxes shop. You also have to pay for shipping. Shipping in the … Continue reading PAST BOX BUY – June 2017 OwlCrate

September 2017 Limited Edition Six of Crows Box – Enchanted Book Box

Rate: 5/5   Price: $65.00 USD/month plus shipping and handling. This was a limited edition box and a new limited edition box was just announced for December. Make sure to get yours today!   Products: 14 bookish items. The company tries to use handmade products from Etsy or other shops you see on bookstagram and … Continue reading September 2017 Limited Edition Six of Crows Box – Enchanted Book Box