October 2017 – Biblio Book Box

Rating: 5/5   Price: $21.60 USD plus tax. This company is stationed in Canada so shipping might be extra depending on where you live.   Ships: Worldwide!   Hello! I did something a little different in this unboxing. I now have a booktube channel so I made an unboxing video! If you want to check it out, … Continue reading October 2017 – Biblio Book Box


July 2017 Book of the Month

Rating: 4.5/5   Price: Well, it depends! It’s basically $10 USD a month and you can get a subscription plan to save more money, but you can also choose to spend more money per month depending on the books you want! Each additional book is $9.99 USD each, which is really a steal for some … Continue reading July 2017 Book of the Month

Spearcraft May Cloak and Dagger box!

Rating: 4/5   Price: $32.99 USD plus shipping for the one-time box I purchased. They also offer a no book box option in their shop section that is cheaper. Subscriptions are also slightly discounted, with the price being $29.99 plus shipping. There are also a ton of discount codes (one of which I used) courtesy … Continue reading Spearcraft May Cloak and Dagger box!