Danger in Dystopia FireNationCreation special edition box!

Disclaimer: I bought this box with my money because I support small businesses! Support them!Rating: 5/5Price: $70.00Products: This option is for the BOX WITH BLANKET, which will include:
-4 four oz candles OR wax melts
-1 huge fluffy blanket!
-1 booksleeve (by @a_court_of_books_and_family)
-3+ other bookish goodiesThere are also blanket only and box only opinions.Ships To: USA and international!Contents and Estimated Prices:I got the Danger in Dystopia box! Inside was:The Smoke candle ($8.00)City of Ember candle ($8.00)The Maze ($8.00)Receiver of Memory Candle ($8.00)Hunger Games inspired enamel pin ($10.00)Duel sided bookmark ($3.00)Fahrenheit 451 tumbler ($10.00)Booksleeve ($13.00)Blanket ($26.00)Estimated Total of Box: $94.00Verdict: Omg I’m in love with everything in this box! The candles are amazing, the blanket is so cuddly, the tumbler is cool, the bookmark is awesome, and the pin and booksleeve are *heart eyes*. I love all of these items and Alex did amazing putting it together.