Danger in Dystopia FireNationCreation special edition box!

Disclaimer: I bought this box with my money because I support small businesses! Support them!Rating: 5/5Price: $70.00Products: This option is for the BOX WITH BLANKET, which will include:
-4 four oz candles OR wax melts
-1 huge fluffy blanket!
-1 booksleeve (by @a_court_of_books_and_family)
-3+ other bookish goodiesThere are also blanket only and box only opinions.Ships To: USA and international!Contents and Estimated Prices:I got the Danger in Dystopia box! Inside was:The Smoke candle ($8.00)City of Ember candle ($8.00)The Maze ($8.00)Receiver of Memory Candle ($8.00)Hunger Games inspired enamel pin ($10.00)Duel sided bookmark ($3.00)Fahrenheit 451 tumbler ($10.00)Booksleeve ($13.00)Blanket ($26.00)Estimated Total of Box: $94.00Verdict: Omg I’m in love with everything in this box! The candles are amazing, the blanket is so cuddly, the tumbler is cool, the bookmark is awesome, and the pin and booksleeve are *heart eyes*. I love all of these items and Alex did amazing putting it together.

MsKoolsCrafts Rep Package – October 2017

Instead of the usual format I do for these things, I am going to show you a series of pictures of the items I received in my last rep package from MsKoolsCrafts. These are all bracelets with the exception of one necklace and bracelet I received for free from her, and these are all still available in the shop to my knowledge. The prices are as follows:

Price: $14.29

Price: $12.61 for the yellow bracelet and $10.93 for the purple Mrs. Potts one.

Price not available, received for free.

Price: $12.61
Corrine has some really adorable baby items as well, here are some pictures from my fellow reps:


Credit: steph_charbonneau



Credit: taylor_tinkerbelle



Credit: little_doll_cassie



Credit: londyn_noelle_taylor

Corrine has some really spooky jewelry and baby items available in her shop for this Halloween season, so be sure to drop by and check out the inventory!

September 2017 – MsKoolsCrafts product review

Note: I am a rep for this company and I received my items for a discount. This did not influence or sway my opinion.
Rating: 5/5


Price: Varies with the products. Anywhere between $5 – $50+.


Products: Jewelry, purses, baby/toddler items, and more! All handmade with love and one of a kind accessories! If there’s something you want in a different color or such, contact the owner to request a custom item!


Ships: USA, Canada, and various other countries. Processing and shipping times vary.


Hi guys! I’m back for another review of MsKoolsCrafts store on Etsy! I’ve loved representing her so far and her items are absolutely gorgeous! Let me show you what I’ve gotten from her for the month of September:


The first item I HAD to get was this Hogwart’s Sorting Hat! It’s newborn size (shhhhh!!) and it’s so soft and beautiful! The face is recognizable on the fabric and it is absolutely perfect for newborn photos. This item retails for $16.53 as of right now.


The next item I bought was something that would satisfy my Beauty and the Beast obsession. It was this awesome Belle inspired rose bracelet! The bracelet is beautiful and I love how the bracelets I buy from this shop do not pinch or poke me. The bracelet is retailing for $14.55 currently. I also received the bracelet in the back for free. It’s a Belle inspired wrap bracelet and I love it as well! No pinching, no poking, and it does not feel like it’s going to fall off my wrist!


The last item I received from the shop was this awesome crocheted butterfly bookmark! I saw this and I was like “I NEED THAT!” because of obvious reasons lol. It’s super soft, but it’s not so bulky that it will hurt your paperbacks! I can’t wait to use it as my bookmark! It’s not currently listed on the site, but there are other bookmarks like it listed instead. Both are pretty flower bookmarks that retail for $5.79 each.


Verdict: While shipping is pricey (can’t help it, it’s a Canadian company and I live in the Southern USA) I think it’s more than worth paying for. The items I got were all gorgeous and I loved that she included a special made bracelet for me! I love every item I receive from her and I can’t wait to order more things! There is a special sale going on currently, so all the items are 20% off! Take advantage of this deal and use my coupon code BUTTERFLY10 to get 10% off your entire order!