Under Her Cursed Scythe Giveaway!

To celebrate JM Wong's book’s birthday, 5 copies of my books will be given out for this giveaway. The period of entering the giveaway starts from 31/10/2019 till 30/11/2019. Any participants who fulfill the requirements within this time period will have the chance to enter the giveaway. 5 lucky winners will be picked from all … Continue reading Under Her Cursed Scythe Giveaway!

Book Birthday Giveaway!

Hoang Chi Truong is celebrating her Book's 1st Birthday with a GIVEAWAY. • Begins on Monday, May 14th - 21st, 8:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time-US) • The winner will be selected randomly and announced by email and Social Media by Monday, May 21st 12:00pm PST. • To enter subscribe to my newsletters at http://eepurl.com/cmf-vDContinue reading Book Birthday Giveaway!