August 2017 – Indie Book Connect

Rating: 5/5   Price: $20.00 USD for a month-to- month subscription without tax applied. The company also offers a 3 month prepay ($57.00 USD), a 6 month prepay ($105.00 USD), and a 12 month prepay ($192.00 USD).   Products: Two AUTOGRAPHED books wrote by indie authors that you won’t find in popular stores such as Books a … Continue reading August 2017 – Indie Book Connect

Beyond Fear by Stephanie Hanlon

Rating: 3/5 Genre: YA Fantasy Recommended Age: 14+ (violence and gore) Favorite Quote: "'Since that day, the world we live in has become a very dark and dangerous place.'" “Are you really ready to condemn all those people to death?” he asked. “Because they will die. I can promise you that.” A new evil has … Continue reading Beyond Fear by Stephanie Hanlon