January 2020 Litjoy

Disclaimer: I bought this box! Support small businesses!

Rating: 5/5

Price: $30.99 for the full crate, $19.99 for the book only, and $19.99 for the items only. Subbing will save you money!

Products: Includes the book, trading cards, and bookish items with the chance to upgrade and add items each month. They also have membership options through Lunacorns to give you more reward money each month so you can spend more at their store online. Each month you will also earn rewards and be able to buy items on their shop.

Ships To: USA (based) and International

Contents and Estimated Prices: I got the January Starry Night box! Inside was:

  • Strange the Dreamer full sized pillowcase (art by @eviebookish)
    • Estimated Price: $7.00
  • The Darkling’s “Cult of the Starless” trinket box (art by @maggie.rose.studio)
    • Estimated Price: $5.00
  • Doctor Who twist fabric headband
    • Estimated Price: $3.00
  • Night Court inspired dreamcatcher
    • Estimated Price: $5.00
  • Nightnight Chronicles trading cards (set of 3) (art by @niru.sky)
    • Estimated Price: $6.00
  • Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez with exclusive design inside jacket designed by the author herself. Also comes signed and with a map and author letter.
    • Estimated Price: $23.00
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Literary Location Pin: Neverland
    • Apothecary Candle: Phoenix Tears
    • Lumos Necklace

Estimated Total of Box: $49.00

Verdict: While the value isn’t as much of a bang for this box as was Owlcrate, I still feel like this box held its own and did a fantastic job! The inside dust jacket art is gorgeous I loved it so much! The pillowcase is going on my bed and the dreamcatcher will make a return in my photos for years to come. I can even use the headband at work, which is a score for me! Definitely will keep with this box for a bit.

January 2020 Owlcrate

Disclaimer: I bought my own box because OwlCrate is just that awesome.

Rating: 5/5

Price: Prices start at $29.99 USD plus shipping.

Products: A highly anticipated brand new YA release, published within 45 days of receiving your box. Bookish keepsakes made from a wide range of small businesses. Exclusive items from publishers and authors that you won’t find anywhere else! This includes a handwritten letter from the author in every box, and we also try to include signed bookplates as much as possible. Yay! A collectible flyer showcasing all of the wonderful people who worked on each box, as well as sneak peeks for next month! This box also includes special edition of the books featured.

Ships To: Ships worldwide with the exception of Mexico and Peru.

Contents and Estimated Prices: I received the January Vengeance Will Be Mine box! Inside was:

  • Harry Potter Ceramic Mug by @carakozik
    • Estimated Price: $15.00
  • Crooked Kingdom influenced socks from @outofprint
    • Estimated Price: $12.00
  • Nevernight Inspired Pocket Mirror designed by Team Owlcrate
    • Estimated Price: $8.00
  • Children of Blood and Bone inspired candle from @acourtofcandles
    • Estimated Price: $8.50
  • The Hobbit inspired pin banner from @in.the.reads
    • Estimated Price: $7.00
  • Exclusive cover and signed copy of Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim with author letter
    • Estimated Price: $23.00
  • Exclusive enamel pin themed for Scavenge the Stars from @forensicsandflowers
    • Estimated Price: $8.00

Estimated Total of Box: $74.50

Verdict: I loved this box so much! The candle smells amazing, the pin is creative and cute, and I love the cover! The pin banner will go to someone who wants it (I don’t like pin banners or The Hobbit since I’m cursed to never see it) and the pocket mirror would be great if you like makeup and like to mix your own/fix your broken compacts. The ceramic mug is also gorgeous!

Enchanted Fandom January 2020 Box!

Disclaimer: I bought this box! Support small businesses!

Rating: 5/5

Price: $39.99

Products: Full of wonderful indie/handmade items made by crafter’s who love the places where magic lies.

We believe that NO Fandom Should be Left Behind. So each month we pack our boxes filled with multiple Fandoms just for you.

Each Box features a different Fandom Theme from Pop-culture, Books, TV & Movies! We work with small shops to bring your favorite Fandom worlds to life!

Ships To: USA and international!

Contents and Estimated Prices: I got the January “The Art of Doing Nothing” box! Inside was:

Spoiler Card art by @kimcarlika

Estimated Price: $2.00

Bridget Jone’s Diary candle by @littlemousebookshelf

Estimated Price: $3.00

Anna and the French Kiss ricebag by @bookishstardesigns

Estimated Price: $6.99

Jane Austen Book Club cookies by @greyghostbakery

Estimated Price: $4.00

Practical Magic Bath Bomb by @loveandshea

Estimated Price: $2.00

Cinderella Hot Chocolate by Best Day Ever

Estimated Price: $5.00

Eat, Pray, Love face mask by @fictionbathco

Estimated Price: $1.00

Pride and Prejudice Notebook by @enchanted_fandom_

Estimated Price: $3.00

Alice in Wonderland sticker by @enchanted_fandom_

Estimated Price: $1.00

Mulan Water Bottle by @enchanted_fandom_

Estimated Price: $10.00

Recipe Card by @enchanted_fandom_

Estimated Price: $2.00

Estimated Total of Box: $39.99

Verdict: I loved this relaxing box! I thought the box was well crafted and had a lot of items I would use to relax. My face is the hot chocolate and the water bottle! It’s so gorgeous! Definitely check out this company!