A Measure of Serenity by Bryan K. Prosek

Disclaimer: I received this e-book from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: A Measure of Serenity

Author: Bryan K. Prosek

Book Series: Standalone

Rating: 4/5

Diversity: Nuerodivergent MC

Recommended For…: young adult readers, dystopian, sci-fi, alternate world

Publication Date: July 20, 2021

Genre: YA Sci-Fi Dystopian

Recommended Age: 14+ (violence, gore, war, language)

Explanation of CWs: There is some violence and slight gore. There are also some graphic depictions of war. There is also slight cursing.

Publisher: CamCat Books

Pages: 320

Synopsis: Eighteen-year-old Serenity Ashdown has a brilliant mind: she counts, calculates, and analyzes everything, even when she doesn’t want to. Her memory is also far beyond photographic, surpassing her physicist father’s abilities. But her world was otherwise normal right up until dimension-hopping enemies forced her into a parallel reality. The feds she meets on the other side claim to want to help her go home. All she has to do is use her memory to reconstruct the right sequence of codes. But it’s soon clear they want something more: a gateway for invasion, because this version of Earth is dying.

Serenity can’t risk returning home with a deadly force behind her, but the feds aren’t about to let her escape. Then she learns that the “other Serenity,” her alter-ego in this dimension, was a resistance leader recently betrayed and killed. She has a chance to assume her alter-ego’s identity and use her unique ability to lead the resistance in their fight against the tyrannical super-government that is poised to invade her universe. Serenity has no idea how to be someone she’s not, but she has to try—or she may not even have a home to return to.

Review: For the most part I really liked this book. The premise of it is amazing and it reminded me a lot of Down World, which is fine with me because I like alternate/parallel universe reads. The book had amazingly well done character development and the world building was out of the world (hehe). The book was also well plotted and I loved how well the dystopian world was done.

The only issues I really had with the book is that the narration style is a bit weird and takes a second to get into it. The book is also predictable and the story dips a bit in the middle.

Verdict: It was good!

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