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Every human being encounters situations—daily—that can inhibit their good judgment and cause them to react in a way they normally wouldn’t if they were in a positive state of mind. “Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself” by @AvniParekh is a self-help guide for successfully managing and overcoming negative situations with confidence and ease without letting them get the best of you.

Broken down into 10 easy-to-read chapters, “Be The Bigger Person” is thoughtfully tailored to meet each reader’s needs and addresses problematic issues dealt within family life, friendships, relationships, home maintenance, work life, academic life, driving, journeys on airplanes, tragedies and even public places.

With Avni’s simple, three-tier process, you’ll gain insight into the power of harnessing a new perspective and reap the benefits that come along with being the bigger person such as a better outlook on life, a happier disposition and best of all, less stress.

Paperback copies of @BTBPbook are available for purchase online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or

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Author Bio

@AvniParekh is a skilled public relations and strategic communications professional who specializes in copywriting, editing and online reputation management. Prior to releasing @BTBPbook she served as public relations manager at VITAS Healthcare, the nation’s leading hospice provider. Before that, she served as director of operations at Prana Yoga, South Florida’s premier yoga studio. Residing in Miami, Avni received a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Florida International University. Connect with her at

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